Who is Chrissy Cunningham in Stranger Things 4? Boyfriends and Dark Secret


Stranger Things Season 4 is finally here and fans are excited to see what’s in store for the residents of Hawkins, Indiana. One of the new characters introduced in the season is Chrissy Cunningham, played by Grace Van Dien. So who is Chrissy and what role will she play in the new season?

Who is Chrissy Cunningham in Stranger Things 4?

Chrissy Cunningham is played by LA-based actress Grace Van Dien. Grace was born in Los Angeles, California on 15 October 1996. Grace Van Dien is 5′ 3″ (1.6 m) tall and one of the favorite cast of Netflix in 2022.

Grace Van Dien is an American actress and model who has a net worth of $4 million. Grace is best known for her role as “Chrissy Cunningham” in the Netflix original series Stranger Things.

Grace Van Dien has also appeared in episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Blue Bloods, and Chicago P.D. In 2019, Chrissy was cast as a series regular on the CBS drama series Tommy.

Grace Van Dien has also modeled for a few magazines including the popular 1883 Magazine.

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Chrissy Cunningham in Stranger Things 4

The cheerleading captain was once a normal girl, but she gradually became more and less like her former self. It started with the small things: missing practices because of homework or socializing after hours at parties.

Despite all the cheerleading, Chrissy associates herself with, she also has a dark side. The main cast of Stranger Things 4 is suffering from her mother’s emotional abuse.

Chrissy Cunningham’s Boyfriend in Stranger Things 4

The most recent addition to the Stranger Things cast is actor Mason Dye as Jason Carver. He will appear in season 4, playing the romantic interest of the main character Chrissy Cunningham (Played by actress Grace Van Dien).

Supposedly Jason Carver is a handsome athlete who only dates her – the popular girl at school! We can’t wait until they meet up again later on down these electrical wires…

Aka: “Stranger” new friends + old ones = awesome adventures await us all over Again

Chrissy Cunningham’s Dark Secret

According to the Netflix’s Guide to Stranger Things Season 4, we will see there is a dark secret associated with Chrissy Cunningham.

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