X-Men: Apocalypse Box Office Collection: Till XMA Fourth/4th Day (Monday); Crosses $100 Million Worldwide (India+Overseas) In 4 Days

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X-Men: Apocalypse Box Office Collection XMA Fourth/4th Day (Monday) 4 Days Worldwide Business: North America must be waiting for the release of X-Men movie, but something odd is happening here in the other markets where ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ took an earlier release. (read: The Neon Demon movie review.)

In the rest of world (Around 75 markets) governed the release of another film from X-Men series. The initial release took place in 18th of March followed up by release on the said week days as per the market situations.

X-Men: Apocalypse Box Office Collection

75 international markets consist of 64% entire marketplace. The movie had collected 103.3 Million Dollars through the period of more than a week. The film is also ruling the figures of 2016 box office collections as of now with this change. Till now, X-Men: Apocalypse has been released in around 20,596 screens throughout the world.

Primarily based on the role of professor and young kids the main languages in which film is released and produced are English, Spanish, and Hindi. Both the versions (2D and 3D) are also available to choose from for the screening. It’s important to note that being a multilingual movie, the decision of releasing in the foreign market first was not so wrong.

X-Men: Apocalypse Box Office Collection XMA Fourth/4th Day (Monday) 4 Days Worldwide

In over 71 markets, X-Men: Apocalypse ranks at the top with #1 position. The theaters breakup is as follows. That film had overall grossed $514M overseas and $748M worldwide.

  • From IMAX Screens – XMA minted $5M from 246 screens and 57 markets
  • From RealID- 18.4 M

Counting the regional box office collections of XMA, the earnings were as follows UK ($10.5M), Mexico ($8.8M), Brazil ($6.1M), Russia ($6.27M), France ($6.2M). Philippines ($4.9 million), India ($3.5 million), Indonesia ($3.1 million), Singapore ($3 million), Thailand ($2.7 million) and Colombia ($1.9 million), and was the biggest opening in the X-Men Franchise in 33 markets, including Russia ($6.5 million).

United Kingdom’s share is the biggest because of a grand release in over 11,519 screens throughout the country which is third largest ever behind Deadpool and DFOP. Overall the weekend was perfect for XMA and its expected to grow much more after release in North America.

Meanwhile, The Jungle Book total collections come to 191M $ till now.


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