Cannes 2016: The Neon Demon Movie Review | Elle Fanning is Quite a Show

Cannes 2016 - Neon Demon Review
Cannes 2016 - Neon Demon Review

The Neon Demon Review: Nicolas Winding Refn’s another venture has made its way to Cannes 2016. Yes, We are talking about Elle Fanning Starrer TheNeonDemon. The film is about the challenging fashion industry and how a teen Jesse (Elle Fanning) became a star and how she fell. This one purely sensual with a lot of love and sex in it. (check: Austria Election 2016 Result.)

Jesse shows up in Los Angeles to pursue her Supermodel Dreams and immediately finds herself in highly focused photo studios, rising models and thins rooms. Jack (Desmond Harrington) domineers them and is short tempered. Jesse wows Jack, the one who hates women and gets mocked by other models Lanky Gigi (Bella Heathcote) and Sarah (Abbey Lee).


The Neon Demon Review

However, Jesse finds some support from Karl Gulsman, who always tries to cheer her up. Ruby (Jena Malone), makeup artist, gazes seductively. However the movie shows resemblance to “Only God Forgives”. ¬†It looks more like Refn is trying to get revenge on the modern world, but he failed. (read: Outlander season 2 episode 7 review.)

When compared to the old ones, the story is quite better as Jesse tries to survive with a mysterious manager (Keanu Reeves). She suffers from horrific nightmares and one night she even sees a mountain lion in her room. This reminds her of something, and the real violence makes its way into the revenge-fueled plot.

Cannes 2016 – Neon Demon Review

Refn’s work must be appreciated as he reached out to something. He made his audience stick to their seats with this horror and revenge drama.

He just pushes the shock factor and keeps exploiting with the suspense. By now, Refn must know what buttons to pull to get his audience. Though Refn isn’t a crowd pleaser, he surely knows his way with them.

By the end of the NeonDemon, twists make their way, and visuals steal the show. It is not possible to shake the perception of the filmmaker gazing at his sexually attractive starts from behind the camera.

He shows everything, from steamy models to lesbian desires. At the end of the day, The Neon Demon gets up mixed reviews and will hit the screens shortly by Amazon Studios.

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