X Men: Apocalypse Super Bowl 2016 Spot Trailer Review

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X Men: Apocalypse Super Bowl 2016 Spot Trailer Review: With Marvel and DC gearing up for their blockbuster releases, another superhero team-up film is creating a lot of buzz among the hype and ongoing rivalry between the two comic book giants. I am talking of course, about “X-Men: Apocalypse”, another movie whose short premiered at the Super Bowl. (see: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer review.)

Brian Singer is returning to helm the series for the fourth time, to provide an action-packed, emotional and satisfying end to the second trilogy of the epic mutant saga.

X Men: Apocalypse Super Bowl 2016 Spot Trailer Review

I swear, every time I see the shot where Charles Xavier is trying to punch the titular villain, I go nuts. Apart from that, however, we do not get to see anything new, except for a shot of Olivia Munn showing off her powers as Psylocke (Purple is the new sexy) and Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique being choked by Apocalypse (Seriously?). (read: The Flash s2e13 review.)

Rest is all the same; the destruction, Quicksilver (he looks somewhat funny but well, at least, he can run faster than bullets. He would hopefully not end up dead at the hands of some manic robot), the new (or old, depending which one you prefer) X-men teaming up to stop Apocalypse once and for all.

The events in “X Men: Days of Future Past” erased the existing timeline (and a horrible version of Deadpool) in order to expand its horizon and extend the cinematic universe to more characters. While not on par with Marvel Studios, this is still a gold mine for Fox, its biggest moneymaking series. For sure, the stakes, both IN the movie and FOR the movie are high, and the pressure is immense to compete amongst other releases.

X Men: Apocalypse Super Bowl 2016 Spot Trailer Review

However, Brian Singer showed that this is his franchise, and he can pull it off amazingly. The Roland Emmerich-style disaster-meets-superhero movie is certainly looking forward to pleasing critics and fans alike, but can it be another masterpiece like its predecessor? Guess we’ll have to wait until the release of the movie. Maybe, we’ll find out some interesting stuff related to the movie in “Deadpool”, releasing this Friday.

“X-Men: Apocalypse” releases on May 27, 2016.

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