Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th July 2016: Ruhi Tells Judge About Her Decision To Leave Nidhi

yeh hai mohabbatein
yeh hai mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th July 2016: Nidhi asked Ruhi to take her final decision. Judge also came there and asked Ruhi to take her ultimate decision as only 2 days were left now and she too had to do some formalities. Ruhi said she wanted to think about her decision and need 10 – 20 minutes. (check: YHM Last Episode.)

Judge agreed and further asked her not to take any decision in pressure. She then told judge her decision that she wanted to go back with Nidhi. Everyone stood there shocked to hear that. Nidhi smirked. Judge reassured Ruhi if she took the right decision. Ruhi replied yes.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th July 2016

Ishita asked the judge not to listen to Ruhi as she was just a kid. Judge said she was helpless too as it was Ruhi’s right to take her own decision and they had to accept them.

Raman got angry on hearing Ruhi’s decision and asked if she joked in front of a judge. Mrs. Bhalla too started crying and said to Ruhi that she was the one who reunited her family, and now she wanted to leave. Nidhi asked everyone to stop their drama and said to Ruhi to pack her bags.

Ruhi asked her to leave as she wanted to stay there for 1 more day. Nidhi agreed. Ruhi answered everyone that she knew she had to live in hell again and had to deal not that nonsense Nidhi, but she had no choice, where was her own family 7 years ago. She said she did not trust her own mom and dad.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th July 2016

Raman shouted on her as how could she trust Nidhi and not them. She said that she knew Nidhi was bad, so she did not expect anything from her ever, but she did not what she should expect from her mom and dad as they might leave her again as they left 7 years ago.

Pihu came there and asked Shagun as why Raman was so angry. Shagun took her inside room and explained her all that happened and told that Ruhi wanted to leave them. She asked Pihu to stop Ruhi and help them.

Pihu agreed and said she would try, as it would make her family happy again. Raman in anger threw things here and there. Ishita asked him to calm down. Pihu went outside and asked Ruhi to stay there. She denied and said she had to leave. She only stayed for that much says because she promised Pihu.

Ishita ran after the judge and asked her to do something to stop Ruhi. Judge said it was not in her hands. Ishita asked if there was anyway. She said in an emergency such as if anyone fell ill, they could postpone the date.

Raman called Ishita but she was talking to Amma about what the judge suggested. She said something should happen to her as it was the only way they could get Ruhi back. Raman heard that and scolded Ishita as he did not want anything to happen to Ishita and Ruhi.

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