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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th November 2015: YHM Wednesday episode is out. Have you watched it? If not this will help you out. This episode revolves around Ishita, Prateek and Raman. Did they find out the one who’s behind all the mysteries? Take a look. (watch: the last episode of YHM.)

The episode begins with Abhishek saying that Ashok has bought n unlicensed gun and hidden it in the house. Ishita as Shagun tried to find it in the entire house and found it in Mrs. Bhalla room. She revealed it so that they can get hold of it, but the one helping Ashok stole it away and hidden in Ruhi’s bag. Shagun says then Raman brought Prateek into the play. Prateek asks him to go for aid to Ashok and he comes and asks Shagun in Ishita to kill Raman. S

hagun says that she will find out the mystery man no matter what. Ishita says she even had to risk Raman on Karwachauth day. Abhishek says, I got the storeroom keys and it’s thanks to Prateek. They go inside and see there’s machine which can lift anyone with just a waistcoat. So they manage to pull it off with Raman wearing the coat and Ishita acting like possessed lifting him up. They succeeded. Ishita says thanks to Prateek for the mock meat show, which was actually veg chunks.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th November 2015

Shagun asks Ishita did she see the one who threw the stone from the top of the house? Ishita says Appa has caught I and Shagun say they might have a sprain as that stone was heavy. Ishita says that we shouldn’t about this like this, we should do it via message or anything very private from now on. Ashok calls the one and asks did Ishita reach home? He warns about the dangers which he/sh would be facing if they don;t convey the news.

He says now Bhalla family will see Ishita killing Raman and this will break their unity and they will go down. Let’s see how my in former works. Abhishek and Ishita come home and she cries. She asks why do you always pray before acting like Shogun. She says  my family loves me and am cheating them. He says you are only doing this to save your family. She says that person will definitely have a sprain, let’s find out the one with hand sprain. (store: All Episodes of Ye Hai Mohabaein.)

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th November 2015

Abhishek brings her into the house and Raman feels relieved and she says sorry she went for a long drive as she was not feeling well. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to go ad get some rest. She feels sorry for Raman. Ishita sees Raman sleeping and goes to make a call in the bathroom. She calls up Shagun and asks her to connect Abhishek and Prateek too. Prateek and everyone lay a trap for the spy in the house. Prateek says he has asked Amma to continue the pooja and they will everyone’s hands during that time. Abhishek too says he will carry on the case in his own way. Raman goes out and sees Raman awake.

She makes excuse and Raman hold her hand and says not to worry. She says you are the world’s best husband and hugs him. He too says you are best wife and all these happenings are not done by you and you will back to good health very soon. Ye Hai Mohabatein plays. The spy is in the house and looks for first aid. The spy is shown as Simmi.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th November 2015


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