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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th November 2015: YHM latest episode is out. Thursday episode is all about catching the culprit. They did lay a trap for the Ashok’s mystery helper. But did they really caught the one who is helping him? Take a look.

The episode begins with everyone talking to Ishita normally. Adi hugs her and says he was missing her hug. Ishita says she will make dosas for him. Prateek comes and talks to Bhalla family and say that one Shanti Pooja will do the trick for Ishita and Shagun will leave her soul completely. Mrs Bhalla agrees and says to Mr Bhalla abut the pooja preparation. Prateek says that every family member should attend the pooja and it’s a must. Mrs Bhalla says that she will call Iyers too. (watch: All Episodes of Ye Hai Mohabatein.)

Prateek meets Ishita personally and tells her about the Pooja. Simmi covers her left hand and talks to Mrs Bhalla about the medicines she needs to get for Ananya. Mrs Bhalla asks about her hand and she says that she got hurt while playing with Ananya.  Ishita and Simmi come across each other and asks where is he going. She says I am going to bring Ananya diapers. Neelu gives her Pooja items list and Simmi quickly leaves taking that.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th November 2015

Abhishek questions watchman about seeing anyone with a bruise on the left hand. He says no, I haven’t seen anyone yet. He says to take a good look and tell him tomorrow. Shagun meets her doctor in burqa somewhere so far away. She takes her reports and while leaving she sees Simmi there and hears Doctor telling her about her hand sprain.

He asks her, did she lift anything heavy which made her muscles sprain. She says no and he says he will send her reports home and she says she will come and take them. She gets a call and she leaves. Shagun follows her and Bala’s mum watches Shagun in burqa.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th November 2015

Bala’s mum come home to meet Amma and she tells her about Shaanti Pooja. She sees Shagun picture with garlands and says why are the garlands? Mrs Bhalla says she is dead. Bala’s mum says are you joking or what? I have seen her just now.

Amma says that she was dead in front of us. Ishita comes there and asks her to come to her room and she says she will explain something important. Ishita reveals her everything and tries to convince her. Suddenly someone knocks the door and Neelu says Amma is calling both of them. Bala’s mum says so you are cheating everyone with Shagun at your side. Ishita tries to convince her.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th November 2015

Ishita calls Shagun to confirm. Shagun says yes, I am in burqa and site says Bala’s mum has seen her in burqa. She asks her to be careful. When Shagun was about to tell she saw something… Ishita ends the call. Sarika was having a chat with her boss and Romi keeps calling her. Boss scolds her as her work wasn’t satisfactory.

She lifts the call and asks Romi not to call as she got scoldings fro her boss. Romi says Amma has told to call you and he says if that work is not doing good. He asks her to leave it and spend some time for the family. She says that she has paid his load and she has tow work to make it settled. Romi gets depressed and cuts the call. She worries.

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