Badtameez Dil 12th Nov 2015 Thursday Episode: Akshat sees Meher and Abeer together


The Episode of Badtameez Dil starts with Meher, Ishaan and Akshat coming back from Abeer’s house.Akshat tells Ishaan to avoid talking to Abeer from now onwards. He says no and Akshat asks the reason.He tells him that he likes his mom and dad together, but Abeer uncle doesn’t want them to be.Ishaan promises and goes to his room.

Badtameez Dil 12th Nov 2015 Thursday Full Episode

Latest Episode of Badtameez Dil 

Later at night, Akshat and Meher feel restless in their rooms.Meher gets Abeer’s call.Abeer tells her that he is having leg pain.He asks her to come fast as he is not able to put his leg down.Meher asks him to help himself.Just then Meher comes to Abeer’s house.Abeer gets happy on seeing her and asks her not to leave him as he is her neighbour.Meher smiles.

Abeer tells her that he needs to use the washroom.Meher helps him with that.Abeer makes noises and says that he is feeling peace enjoying.Meher thinks he is weird.He comes back and asks her to hold him.Meher helps him sit on the bed.Abeer asks her to put ointment on his leg else he won’t be able to sleep.[ Recap: Badtameez Dil Last Episode]

Akshat comes to Meher’s room andapologizes.He sees her missing and comes to Abeer’s house and sees that the door is open.He sees her massaging Abeer’s leg.Abeer feels relieved.Abeer asks Akshat if he was having some wild imagination and what does he think that they were doing.Akshat asks her that what is she doing in his house at that point of time.Meher tells him that she is just helping him.Meher asks him to stop being insecure as he is injured because of him.

He tells her that he can’t ignore him as he wants to marry her.Meher tells him that she did a mistake by joining groove channel.Akshat tells her that he is just blackmailingthem.He asks Meher to tells Ishaan the truth but she refuses.Suman calls Abeer and tells him that Meher and Akshat are fighting.Kuber asks Abeer to come to office.Kuber saysthat he wants to meet his grandson fast.He also tells him that he wants to see how he walk and everything.


Abeer comes to Ishaan’s school.Principal comes and asks him to come to the cabin.Rati asks Kuber if Abeer has a son.Kuber says yes.Rati congratulates him and asks that why is he happy as he is never happy with Meher.Kuber gets up and saysthat everything has changed after this news and that he wants to give a daughter-in-law’s rights to Meher.Rati thinks on negatively.Abeer meets the principal and leaves.Ishaan is bullied in the school premises by the seniors and he cries.His seniors ask him to apologize.He apologizes.

The seniors push him on the ground ,laugh and leave.Ishaan complains to Akshat.Akshat asks him to complain to the teacher.Akshat tells him that he must have done something that’s why he is refusing to tell her.Ishaan refuses.Akshat says that he will come and pick him up.Meher also says that she will come.

Abeer comes to Ishaan.Ishaan hugs him and cries.

Precap of Badtameez Dil

Abeer tells Ishaan that this world is very bad.He tells him that if he gets scared then people will not let him stay.He asks him to fight back.Ishaan decides to beat the boy and hugs him

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