Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th February 2016 Monday Episode

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th June 2016
 Yeh Hai Mohabbatein latest episode is out. Ishita s lost and thinks of Raman and others. What did he do on their anniversary? Take a look. [See: YHM all episodes]

The episode begins with Raman talking to some constables and asks them to help him out as his wife is inside the jail and he can’t meet her. He says my wife is understanding and bears everything silently and we must feel proud of our wives as they always do som much for us. The constables say what can they do to him as they are always on duty. Raman gives him the radio and says to carry it inside and I will send her a message as it is Valentine’s day tomorrow. The constables say we won’t celebrate Valentine’s day, but we will do it for you and your wife as you made us realize that love can’t divide people by distance. Raman asks them to go inside as there’s only half an hour left.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th February 2016

Shagun thinks of why Manoj didn’t call yet and calls the clinic and nurse say sir is busy operating and she says to tell him that Shagun has called and ends the call. Sarika smiles looking at Shagun’s state. The women in cell talk about Valentine’s day and Ishita hears them and thinks of their wedding as it is their marriage day too. The constable plays radio outside the cell and everyone hear it as they didn; hear it anytime, Raman calls RJ and RJ say so this message is for Jhansi ki Rani from Raavan Kumar and RJ says what an interesting name. Raman introduces himself as Raavan Kumar and Ishita happily cries. RJ calls Raman and asks him about his N amakraa and Yeh Hai Mohabbatein plays.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th January 2016

Raman tells their love story and says his life is incomplete without her. He says he doesn’t feel alive without her. The women say wow, he loves his wife a lot.Raman says she is world’s best friend and best wife. RJ asks where is she now and Raman says we are under the same sky but I know that she is hearing this and says though she is in the unreachable state, I always love her and wishes her Happy Anniversary and says he will get her out very soon. RJ plays a soothing song, Tere Liye for them.

Raman cries and Ishita too cries and says I love you Raman, my Raavan Kumar. They recall their marriage moments. Raman thanks the constable and hugs them and says they did a big them for him. Ruhi tells Shagun that she will hear a bedtime story for the baby and says is she feeling uneasy and plays Ishi Maa’s record and Shagun smiles.

Appa thinks how will Ishita come out free, I heard Niddhi CHabrai s good lawyer and Vandu hears him and worries as wine is finished. She thinks not to asks Bala and says she will go and see kids. She goes to Bhalla house and Bala finds it strange. Mrs. Bhalla boils milk and Vandu helps her and Mrs. Bhal a says ever since Ishita went to jail, this place has become hell and Vandu says she will go and give milk to Shagun and Muttu and goes to give milk to Muttu and Sarika looks on and comes and adds rat poison in milk. Mrs. Bhalla comes and Sarika hides. Mrs. Bhalla takes the milk to Shagun and Ruhi stops her as Shagun is sleeping and Ruhi says she will drink milk. Sarika thinks now Shagun will drink milk and will go to the hospital and says she will pay for scolding me. Ruhi drinks milk and Muttu comes and makes the glass fall and Ruhi asks him why did he do that and she faints on the bed.

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