Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th October 2015: Shagun Carries Raman’s Baby

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th October 2015: Today’s episode started with serious situation featured in Bhalla house. The kids playing came to the house and asked why everyone was so stressed. Simmi started talking to kids. Ishita asked Amma about the paternity test reports. Amma replied nopes. Then Ishita instantly went to the click for the reports. Sarika said that send Ruhi and Adi to kids care center, her friends would manage them. She also added that Ishita would feel bad if we send them to kids care center. Mrs. Bhalla said that she would talk to her.

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Manoj tried to talk to neighbors. But they scolded Shagun and said that they would not allow Shagun to live here. Shagun looked worried and people kicked-off her outside. Ishita and Amma waited long for the reports to come. Ishita analysed the reports and all were normal. Amma stopped Ishita and said her not to go back. Shagun asked where would she go for the shelter at night. Then Manoj asked neighbours how can they are not allowing Shagun to stay here. The lady asked him about the father of the child.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th October 2015

The lady scolded Manoj and asked him how was he staying with Shagun. She pushed Shagun and Raman at the right time hold her. At the same time, Ishita came and looked the situation. Raman said to the lady that he is the father of that child. Ishita arrived home. She was leaving the home, and everyone stopped her. Vandu said that Raman did not have any answer, how could we let her stay here. Raman bought Shagun home. Mrs Bhalla started scolding Shagun. Then Ishita said that She was carrying Raman’s child.

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Raman accepted this. Ishita started crying and Raman said that he is saying true, Shagun is carrying our child. Raman also added that she did this for us. Shagun is a surrogate mother. Vandu said that you could find any women for the same. Raman replied that she was the only one who was ready to take this risk for money. Mrs Bhalla asked him why did he done this. Raman was trying to defend Shagun and said that she would stay in this house till the birth of the baby. Mrs Bhalla avoided this.

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Simmi asked how could he trusted Shagun. Mrs Bhalla scolded her. Raman said that every human could change and he could observe the change in her. Everyone must get a second chance. Mrs Bhalla said you got mad because of her love. Raman told Ishita that all was going on for her. Ishita and Raman went to their bedroom and started an argument on this. She asked why was she want to give a forceful gift. She started crying and added that there must be something going on in Shagun’s mind.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th October 2015

He asked Ishita that she always pretended all to be strong. But he had seen your pain after loosing the first baby. He could not see her in pain. She argued a lot and said that she is infertile and this paining her a lot now He said that after this baby, the world know his wife was not infertile, she could have a baby.

Shagun said that I would be here till the birth of the baby. Mrs Bhalla said that she could not see her in this house. Vandu said her that how can they all believe that it is Raman’s baby. She asked her about the real father of this child. Raman said that his way was wrong but just for the intentions to make Ishita happier. Mrs Bhalla said that Shagun must be carrying someone else’s baby. She further scolded Shagun and Ishita continued crying.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th October 2015 Thursday episode ended here. Stay tuned with us for YHM news and updates.

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