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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein new episode is out. Niddhi asks Raman to do anything to get her out asap. Raman brings Shanaya to the police station. Did Abhishek believe and release Niddhi? Take a look.

The episode begins with Raman and Ishita trying to convince Abhishek by saying that Niddhi is an honest woman. Niddhi worries and Ishita tells her that she is a lucky woman as Raman is working so hard for you and goes home. She sees decorations and sees Ashok. She asks him where is her dad and he says he is busy in a meeting. She says she will call him.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th March 2016

Ashok takes her phone and says let me spend some time with you. She says marriage isn’t fixed yet. He asks her to be so off and touches her. Door bell rings, and she thinks it is Raichand. Ashok will be surprised but, She sees Ruhi and Shravan. She asks them what are they doing here. They explain about Vandu and asks for her help. Ishita says she doesn’t know Vandu and says she can’t help her. Ashok asks them to get lost.

Niddhi, Raman and Abhishek go to Niddhi’s office. They check everything and his staff say there isn’t anything fishy. He says she pays tax on time and says she is honest. Raman highlights the locker and Abhishek ask what’s inside it. Niddhi says nothing and Raman asks her to open it. They find some papers in it, and Raman doesn’t locate the chip in it.

Ashok flirts with Ishita. Ruhi tries to hit Ashok with a candle stand. Ishita slaps Asok for touching her and Ruhi s tops. She asks the kids to leave now. They leave. She then asks Ashok does he want one more slap to leave. Ashok also leaves. Abhishek asks Raman to apply for a bail to get her out. Ishita cries thinking of Ruhi.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th March 2016

Rui smiles and Shravan asks why is she smiling. Ruhi says she is my Ishi Maa as she would never let me do wrong. So she scolded me and stopped me from hitting Ashok. Ruhi says if she is acting like this, then there might be a significant reason. Shravan asks her to keep it a secret. Ruhi says fine.

They go home, and Mrs. Bhalla asks where did they go and asks about the homework. Ruhi says yes and Mrs. Bhalla says you look happy. Ruhi says she has a stomach ache and says she will be at Iyer’s place. Ishita is sleeping, and Raman comes inside. Ishita gets up and asks who is it. He says it’s me madrasan and removes her wig, and she says I have to wear this all day. She hugs him and says she missed him.

Raman says he didn’t find the chip and says we have to plan something new now. Ishita says what Ashok did, and Raman says he will take care of Ashok. Ishita asks him to see Niddhi and says she will take care of Ashok. The next morning, Shagun comes home saying she has come to meet them. Mrs. Bhalla says about Ruhi’s stomach ache.

Shagun says she will call Manoj and Ruhi say no and says girls get a stomach ache. Mrs. Bhalla says, so you are hiding something and tickles Ruhi to say. Ruhi gossips in her ears, and she smiles. Mrs. Bhalla gossips in Shagun’s ears, and Shagun says what and smiles.

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