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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th October 2015: YHM new episode is out and is much more intriguing than the older one. Yes, in the last episode, Shagun was dead. But looks like some miracle has happened and she is alive. Do you really think she came back to life? O did someone resurrect her from death? A lot has happened in this latest Ye Hai Mohabatein episode too. So take a look at it.

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The episode begins Ashok and Suraj talking about Shagun. Ashok looks stressed and worried. Abhishek says that he will get SHagun’s body and says that Shagun didn’t commit suicide she was killed. He even says that Ishita was with her when she was alive. Mihir scolds him and says that Ishita isn’t a murderer. She is innocent. Ashok says that he will find all the truth behind this mystery.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th October 2015

Mihir calls him the real culprit as he did a lot of mistakes. Adi asks Sarika that why did they come back to home once again.Adi and Ruhi hear out neighbors spilling out of their mouths that Adi and Ruhi’s mother is dead. The kids rush to Ishir and so he ca, Amma asks them to get Shagun’s body. She fears that as Shgun’s last wish didn’t fulfil yet, she might turn into a ghost. Since there are already two deaths, there might even be happened the third murder too.

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Ishita tries to explain to the kids as says that Shagun couldn’t survive and has left all of us. Mrs Bhalla asks Mihir to get her body no matter what and she is planning to cease the ghostly demons. Ishta hugs the kids and says that she will give a good send off to their mother. Adi now says that it all has happened to becue of him as he was a bad son. Raman to consoles him.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th October 2015

Shagun’s dead body reaches and the pandit asks about Marital status. Ishita says that she s his first wide wife. SO Pandit now says that she will go down as a Suhagaan. Ishita says that she will clean Shagun’s body and maker ready for the final rituals.Amma tries to stop Ishita dad even tries to console he pain and let’s hope that it will back to action at the earliest.

Ishita gets a nightmare where she finds the hand of Shogun outside the woods. When she goes there to let her body burn completely she gets then hold herself and she is shell shocked with that happening. Ishita says that SHagun was the actual mother of Adi and Ruhi. She thinks of the incident which happened to her and she finally thinks that some ghost has taken over the place. She gets goosebumps thinking of what all happened today.

Later on, when Ishita tries to get some water during sleep. She finds a woman crying and holds Shagun’s hand suddenly.When she tries to save herself, Raman comes there and helps her out. But he doesn;t find the woman crying and leaves. But when all the lights go off once again, there are some broken bangles which are shown at the end.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th October 2015 episode ended. Stay tuned with us for the latest YHM news and updates. Till next, keeping sharing.

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  1. why ghost? if dir have no story? pls completed yea resta Kay kahay lata hai. its so…. boring.

  2. This new turn in story will ruin the good reviews the story had so far. This is a family drama don’t put this ghost rubbish in. Think of the children watching. If you watch with your children normally then think again it may scare them.
    Why don’t writers just stop a show if there is no storyline. Rather then this backwash!!!
    This is the last one for me… Alas! One viewer less star plus..

  3. How boring and so childish!!Now a horror movie.

    Come on get on with the family story instead of a horror movie!!!

    What has happened to the story writers?? Can’t think anymore??

  4. absurd story.shagun had to ditch this serial for another.expected a child birth death but now!director is like a rudderless boat no proper directions.please end the many good serials can be telecast instead.

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