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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th October 2015: YHM Monday episode is also out. This episode will give goosebumps as Ishita does a weird acting in this new episode. She will surely give you  wake up call and give some hints that she is possessed by someone. Well, who is that one, who is ready to play with all? Was Shagun’s death, a murder? Take a look at it and know all your answers here. Navratri colors.

The episode begins with Sarika being terrified with Ishita’s doing in her rooms. She seems something terrible in Ishita’s room and rushes to Mrs. Bhalla and asks her to stop the Pooja at once and see Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says Aarti can’t be stopped and asks Vandu to finish it off, Raman and Mrs. Bhalla rush to see Ishita and see her normal and sleeping. Mrs. Bhalla asks Sarika to take a look at her. Sarika is terrified and sees her. She cries and says that she has seen Ishita acting weirdly and even talking in some other language.Mrs. Bhalla says that something has happened to Sarika. Sarika collapses crying. Kumkum Bhagya.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th October 2015

At the end of the day, during night time, Sarika is pretty much disturbed wit what happened that day and can’t get sleep. She wakes up for her phone and remembers that she has placed it for charging in the hall. She goes to the hall and sees some shadow and suddenly she comes across Ishta. She asks how is she? Ishita says she is fine and Sarika says that she has seen some shadow. Ishita says that it’s night and asks to just go ans sleep. In the morning, Mrs. Bhalla says that Amma has sent Bhog. Ishita was seen working and she says that she is doing that as she is bored. Bigg Boss season 9.

Abhishek comes there and says that he has come to say about Shagun. He says that he has checked all her phone and also emails. There’s no need to doubt. It’s purely accidental and it’s not a suicide. Mihir recalls him saying about Ashok. But he comes to know that they only talked about some bank matter. He says that they have shut the case. Abhishek and Mihir leave to the Police station to finish off the paperwork. Maha Ashtami.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th October 2015

While leaving Mihika comes there and Abhishek asks her out for a movie. Mihir listens and says her to go. Mihika says that there are meetings and Mihir says he will take care of them. Mihika says he doesn’t think of me, Abhishek says sorry and says you have got leave, so join me for a movie and we will have lunch. She says no and says she will stay with Amma. Navratri.

Ishita takes a look at all her appointments and Raman cancels them all and ask her to spend some time with him. She smiles and asks him about Manoj. He says we will meet him today and says that he has a gift for her. She smiles looking at the diamond chain pendant. Yeh Hain Mohabbatein plays and he says they will spend the life happily from now on. Pyaar Ka Punchnama.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th October 2015

Raman and Ishita go to Manoj’s place and asks him why is he leaving Delhi? Manoj says that he doesn’t like o stay there as Shagun as left him. Ishita looks towards Shaguns rooms and got in there. SUdenly the door gets locked, Manoj and Raman are shocked to hear Ishita screaming and they break open the door and see Ishita holding some Shsgun’sclothes and acting normal. Raman asks what happened? She says she wants to take some of SHagun’s clothes as she was important to her.

Raman says ok. Ishita picks up some clothes and backs them up in her bag, Raman suddenly some bleeding from Ishita’s hands and sees that the blood is linking to Shagun’s room. Manoj does some quick first aid and stops the bleeding. While Manoj was doing the first aid, Ishita gives a weird stare at Shagun’s room and smiles. Manoj looks at her suddenly and feels weird.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th October 2015 episode ended. Don’t forget to share and come back for more.

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