Kumkum Bhagya Oct 19 Monday Episode: Tanu said to arrange 5 Lakh rupees for the killer Vijay

Kumkum Bhagya Monday Episode: In this episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Tanu said to arrange 5 Lakh rupees for the killer Vijay who is expected to kill Pragya on Dusshera. Bulbul has a plan which can assist Tanu in advocating her masterplan.

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Kumkum Bhagya: The call comes on Skype, Pragya wonders how did sponsor called. The call was of a fan who starts proposing Abhi on the call and says she wants to meet her again. Abhi tells that he doesn’t remember anything, She says that she can understand and tell that his wife is unromantic. Pragya took the laptop and scolds her and closes it. Pragya asks who was she and why he doesn’t tell her about her. Abhi told that it shouldn’t matter for her. Pragya tells that she is going to tell Tanu about it, Abhi starts and starts begging. Pragya told him to request him, Abhi starts requesting her and told her to close her eyes. Abhi took the table behind her and she falls on the floor. Then Abhi advises her to go to the hell and tell everything to Tanu. Pragya goes to Tanu, Abhi got little to fear.

Pragya to be Killer, Yuvraj

Preparations going on for Dusshera, Abhi taunts Pragya that we should burn the Raven of the house, they do as a usual cat fight. Raj secretly enters in the room of Tanu with Vijay to kill Pragya. Raj told her full plan. Tanu tells that he is just a stupid, Vijay took her neck and gives a demo. Pragya tells Abhi to host the today’s function and co-host other functions. Abhi agrees to host after some argument and blackmail of Pragya over his call on friend issue. Raj shows victim to Vijay, who is going to kill Pragya. Vijay told them to keep ready 5 lakh rupees and he needs money after work.

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Abhi remembers the changed Pragya and thinks that she is not hurting him and his family that much. Abhi decided to found the plan of Pragya, Abhi thinks she is collecting money somewhere to betray them.

Raj told Tanu to do drama in front of Abhi and demand money in front of him. Raj told her to prove herself and get the money from Abhi at any cost. Tanu says that Abhi is not having any money, as all money is with Pragya. Tanu comes to Abhi and told him that she needs 5 lakh rupees. Tanu starts demanding 5 lakh rupees from Abhi and told her to arrange the money. Abhi tells he have only 500 rs. Tanu orders him to give the money by tomorrow and get it arranged at any cost.

Bulbul was fighting with Purab over some new plans to be implemented. Purab was denying. Dadi comes with Dasi and Bulbul explains her plan to Dadi. Bulbul tells that she have the idea of 10 lakh rupees cash prize. Mitali goes excited. Pragya enters and asks for the plan, Bulbul denied to tell her. Vijay falls on Sofa as Pragya touches the stairs on which he was riding on. Ronnie shouts at Vijay and hardly scolds him, Pragya told not to shout on Vijay. Ronnie asks him that who is he, he says he is a decoration man.

Tanu was thinking of the money, Bulbul calls Payal and tells he that there is 10 lakh prize of the Dandiya winner; Tanu listens to this. Tanu decided to take part and earn 10 lakh cash prize, she thinks of Abhi and says she will manage him.

Ronnie, Pragya and Payal was discussing something. Abhi calls Payal and tells not to involve in deals with Pragya. Abhi shouts someone, Abhi calls a person and gives some papers to Pragya about the profit sharing agreement, Pragya agrees to see them later on. Abhi then demands 10 lakh rupees, Pragya says he wanted 5 lakh rupees and why he is demanding 10 lakh. Abhi tells her to think else, he will change the boss.

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