Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th January 2016 Monday Episode – Raman and Ishita in a new trouble!

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd March 2016

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein latest episode is out. Shagun meets Pallavi and then she goes to Ishita. What happened there? Did they come to know the real truth? Take a look.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Full Episode

The episode begins with Pallavi talking to Chadda and Shagun meets her outside a gift shop and Pallavi says Raman and Ishita have invited us for lunch and Amar is waiting in car and I am buying some gifts for them and Shagun says I can see you are troubled, share your pain with me and Chadda comes there and says why are you troubling my wife and asks her to leave and a man collides Pallavi and chadda shouts at him saying how dare you touch my wife and Pallavi asks him to leave it and asks Amar to forget it.

Shagun gets shocked seeing his behaviour and thinks of telling this to Ishita. Raman and all have lunch as planned and he says sorry to Chadda and Pallavi as he couldn’t attend to them in the party and Chadda says I can understand. and they tell them about Vandu’s state now and Pallavi says it’s really tough to be in such state and says maybe we could share her pain and ease her a little and says we will do something like besan laddoos for her to cheer her and asks Chadda, can she stay back? He says fine.

Ishita and Pallavi start making laddoos and Raman, Chadda leave. Isihita gets the parcel and she asks Pallavi to take it and she sees Pallavi signing with the left hand. She sees her shoulder and injuries too. Pallavi says I do a lot of things with both hands and even manage a lot in the kitchen. Ishita says why do you bear so much pain? Why don’t you raise your voice, if anyone is beating you and Pallavi says what are you talking and she says Ruhi has told me how Chadda was holding you and she knows what is romance and violence as we women can easily find it. Shagun and I were talking a lot about you and we wanted to do a lot for you.

Manoj and Shagun see party pics and he says we will do a sonography and check pics later nd nurse says she has seen Pallavi somewhere. Pallavi says there is nothing like that and Ishita says I know its domestic violence and says maybe Shagun and I are correct, you don’t want to share anything with us.

Chadda and Raman come talking. Pallavi says I was waiting for you and says I don’t want to stay here and says not to take Rohit’s case. She says Ishita was saying to file a case against you and says My husband loves me a lot and there’s nothing like that. Even Shagun was also speaking something like this. Raman says maybe it was some misunderstanding and says sorry. Chadda asks her to cool down and says maybe they are mistaken in she asks him to say that he is not taking their case and Raman says sorry and they leave.

Ishita cries and says she is lying. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla meet in the cafe and call Mihika and she comes there and they say you are moving very closely to Romi and Sarika is getting annoyed. Maybe if you do a little more and Raman adopts Rohit and she will feel useless to stay here and leaves. Mihika says do you think this will work and they say yes. Mihika says let’s hope it doesn’t turn out to be a big confusion.

Chadda and Pallavi come home and he says you handled Ishita pretty well and plays with her wounds. He says she hasn’t told her anything and he asks do you love me and she says yes, a lot. He asks her to get tea for him. Raman asks now you are satisfied and now Chadda will not take our case and she says I will tell sorry to her with Shaguna nd asks him to come with them.

Bala talks to Shitija and Vandu and she asks him to start his classes. Appa looks on and she says I want to meet that student and his parents and Bala says even they say something and I can’t take a risk. Appa says I think yu should go there as the students and his parents decided to file the case on college.

Raman and Ishita are on the way and Ishita calls Shagun and says I sure she is Pragathi after seeing his reactions today. Ishita say we will call you if needed and ends call and nurse comes and says I went to a home delivery case as that woman couldn’t come to the hospital and Shagun says she is not having a child and the nurse says how can this happen?

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