Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th February 2016 Friday Episode

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st July 2016 Thursday episode:
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein new episode is out. Niddhi and Raman are having time together and see what happened next.

The episode begins with Kids recalling some moments with Ishita. Adi takes her to the rooftop and they see stars. Bala tells Vandu that Ishita is good and everyone is missing her and says he will die first as he can’t live without her.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th February 2016

She shows all the empty bottles and says sorry as she can’t live without wine. She drinks it and gets peace. She asks him to help her as she is addicted and says she needs to take care of Appa and Amma. Bala cries seeing her state and says he is with her and says everything will be fine. They cry. Adi and Ruhi see stars and Ruhi cries as she misses Ishita and Adi consoles her.Romi comes to office and sees Raman working and asks him to leave and says he and Mihir will take care of it. Raman gets rude and says he can’t leave his business and Romi asks him why did he get Niddhi into the business and Raman scolds him and says to get his life right first by getting his own wife and asks him to manage his business later. Romi wonders what wrong with Raman.

Shagun comes to the police station to meet Abhishek. Dubey says they didn’t find her and Abhishek says his dept’s reputation is at stake and says I don’t want this pressure and she says she is not here to ask him and says he is here to give him food and says he has helped her and Ishita always and he will help me this time too. She says Romi has called me and said about Raman’s strange behavior. He says he has fired Pathak and said Romi to be away from the business. Abhishek says maybe he is in shock and she says he hired Niddhi and is having back to back meetings in the office. Abhishek gets thinking.

The next morning Abhishek comes home to ask Raman and Raman sees Ishita’s pic in garlands and asks him to tell anything which he might have missed that day and Niddhi comes in and says everything is told and Raman smiles seeing her. Shagun says Romi was right and wonders why is he giving importance to Niddhi and Niddhi says I know you would suspect Raman and I am his official lawyer and Abhishek says ok fine and says he will come legally and Raman says he us happy to help. Niddhi asks Raman to be careful as Ishita’s body isn’t found. Niddhi says she will stay with them for few days and Raman thanks her. He tells this to all and they are shocked. He asks Simmi to share her room with Niddhi. Niddhi says she is staying with Raman for legal reasons as police will trouble him. He leaves and Shagun says what has happened to him and Mrs. Bhall says he has gone mad and he didn’t see Ishita’s pic and didn’t meet the kids too. Mr. Bhalla worries and Simmi consoles Mrs. Bhalla. It’s night and Niddhi sees Simmi and Ananya sleeping beside her and goes to Raman and he says he was waiting for her. Mrs. Bhalla cries seeing kids sleeping in her room and comes down and hears Raman’s voice and gets shocked seeing them laugh and smile together.

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