Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd March 2016 Episode

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th June 2016

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein new episode is out. Police Investigation gets more deep and Abhishek is unravelling many secrets. Take a look at what happened next.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Wednesday Episode

The episode begins with Abhishek getting a call and gets informed that a man has seen Ishita with a man going onto the cliff and leaves alone. Abhishek asks him to describe so that they can make the sketch of the culprit. Raman quarrels with Mr and Mrs. Bhalla and says  Niddhi is my wife. They leave and Mrs. Bhalla cries. Shagun pacifies them and says these all happened when I left and the cycle is repeating. Mr. Bhalla says time has changed as we are hearing that all from Raman now.

Bala asks Shravan and Ruhi to finish off their homework. The kids ask him to leave and say they will take care of Vandu. Vandu goes and drinks water and hears kids saying they want to have french fries or noodles and Vandu says she will make it. Niddhi asks Raman to control his BP and Shagun comes and scolds both of them. Raman says this is my house and I asked you be a guest here. Shagun says what is she to you and he says she is my love from so may years.

Shagun says no way, you only 2 women, me and Ishita. She asks him to tell if she is blackmailing him. Raman asks her to shut up and leave immediately and she says I have your child in my womb and will tell her what his father was. Niddhi says all are disliking us and says is this marriage necessary and he says yes. Raman says we must look for a wedding planner and she says no need as I already informed my friend. Vandu makes fries and noodles for them and the kids asks her to sit with them and Vandu hugs them as they are taking care of her.

Mr. Bhalla picks the bag and says he can’t bear this insult and says he will leave. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to think of her mother state and says to think once again and Mr. Bhalla calms down. The next morning, Niddhi gives a cheque to Raman for wedding use and says I will be your wife and can I not even have that right? They get shocked and Ruhi says she is leaving to Iyer as she can’t stay as my lawyer isn’t here. Raman asks her to stop her childish things.

Niddhi asks him to leave Ruhi to her and asks him to prepare for the party. Everyone wonder, is there a party in the house? Shagun greets Manoj’s mum and Manoj says I am surprised seeing her and says didn’t knew she was coming and she says she has come to do the wedding preparation as Shagun will deliver the baby in 2 months. His Mum asks her to read the papers and Shagun gets seeing the prenup contract. Shagun says we aren’t even married yet and his mum says Manoj is emotional and he is family’s wealth and I can’t take any risk. Shagun gets teary eyed and signs the papers.

Nidhi gets troubled as her chefs didn’t turn up for the party. Niddhi tries to cool Mr and Mrs. Bhalla but they don’t respond to her and Niddhi blackmails them saying she has given cheque to Raman and has given so much wealth to Raman, she can take them all back and he will be in jail. She gives the menu and asks her to do it and leaves. Mrs. Bhalla gets sad.

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