Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th December 2015 Sunday Episode – Star Plus

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st July 2016 Thursday episode:
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th December 2015: YHM Monday Episode is out. Vandu heard Ashok saying that Shagun is alive and Ishita is cheating him. He speaks this in his sleep and somehow Vandu hears it as she comes to wash her saree. She is shocked. What happened next? Take a look. (last episode of Ye Hai Mohabatein.)

The episode begins with Ishita scolding Raman for not remembering her birthday. He says sorry and asks does shoe know about him. She says she know everything and he holds her though he doesn’t remember¬†he remember only loving you. She too hugs him and says she too loves him and she gets happy tears and thinks of saving him as early as possible.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th December 2015

Vandu is worried of what to wear for the staff party. She plans to wear good jewelry and is confused. Bala comes there and she asks him to help her. He asks what should I do? She says he is confused what to wear and he gives a necklace as a surprise. Vandu is glad and asks him was there a need? (all episodes of YHM.)

He says ever since I saw this invitation I wanted my wife to look beautiful, so he planned for a surprise. She asks him to return and he says don’t worry, it’s not that expensive and he would have bought it even though it was expensive. She hugs him.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th December 2015

Ishita asks Simmi to call Raman and she says she will do it after some time. Raman asks Ishita to come to Kitchen as they both have to cook the cake together. Ishita is worried of the call asks him about his phone. He says eh has kept it for charging and Suddenly the phone rings and it happens to be Mukerji asking Raman to immediately leave to Kolakata as there is an important meeting. (hate story 3.)

Ishita gets emotional and tries to stop him. He says he is only going to Kolkata not leaving the world. He goes to do his packing. She is worried recalling Ashok’s words. Vandu talks to a lady and comes to know that they are real diamonds and she says chain snatching has become common these days.


Vandu says Bala gifted her this and Suraj comes there. The lady says his lecture is finished and he says his car was damaged so he was late. He sees Vandu wearing a new necklace and says she Bala is spending handsomely and let him fly high as his wings will break very soon.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th December 2015

Ishita says to Raman that she has to speak to him. He asks her to says and she says it’s nothing and she says she will give him a surprise once he returns. She thinks of telling him about Shagun and the baby but stops and postpones it. Someone keeps an eye on them and Raman leaves.

Ishita gets a message, “There are no more options for you, you have to kill Raman.”Ishita meets Prateek, Shagun, and Abhishek and says that Ashok is forcing her to kill Raman. Everyone says don’t worry, nothing will happen and Ishita says informer can kill Raman in Kolkata and Ruhi, Adi is also in danger.

Abhishek says I will arrest Ashok and Ishita says we can;t do it without any proof. Ishita says we have to do something big. She says there is one way.

Ye Hai Mohabatein 6th Dec. 2015

Shagun asks what is that and she says we have to do acting of Raman getting killed nad we must convince this in the family and even Raman switch offs his phone in the meeting. So no one knows that Raman is in Kolkata as only I know about his whereabouts. This trap is to lure the informer and it can only succeed if we are successful with our attempt.

She says she will keep a message to the family saying that they are going out. But when sh returns she will tell the family that Raman is dead and informer will immediately inform this to Ashok and we must catch her at this moment. Abhishek too says he has failed in his attempt in catching him and says that we will trap him in his own chakravyuh.

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