SSC: Another VYAPAM in Staff Selection Commission?

SSC JE Paper 2 Admit Card 2016
SSC JE Paper 2 Admit Card 2016

What is SSC (Staff Selection Commission)?

Staff Selection Commission holds recruitment examination of Group “B”, “C” and “D” posts in various Ministries /Departments/ Organizations under Central Government every year.

What is SSC CGLE( Combined Graduate Level Examination)?

This examination holds for various departments such as Central Secretariat, Intelligence Bureau, Ministry of  External Affairs, Income Tax, Excise and Custom, Central Bureau of Investigation, Directorate of Enforcement, Department of Revenue, National Investigation Agency etc. Candidate must be graduate for applying this examination. (check: Vedhalam remake.)

What is SSC CGLE selection process?

The Examination is conducted in three tiers as indicated below:

Tier -I — Written Examination (Objective Multiple Choice Type), Total Marks- 200.

Tier -II — Written Examination (Objective Multiple Choice Type), Total Marks- 400.

Tier -III — Personality Test cum Interview/Computer Proficiency Test  Total Marks-100.

Click on this link to know whole selection process detailed on page-13.

Another VYAPAM in Staff Selection Commission (SSC)?

Corruption & Malpractice at many stages in Examinations conducted by Staff Selection Commission in Combined Graduate Level Examination (SSC CGLE).

Stage 1.   SSC conducts the examination in two or more shifts/batches on different days with different sets of question papers for the same recruitment examination CGLE. It has been observed by academicians and candidates that question papers in different shifts are not of same difficulty level for any given year. This year also in Tier1 of CGLE 2015 conducted on 9th & 16th August same disparity has been noticed. 17 Lakhs candidates appeared in this exam.

In this reference, lakhs of complaints have been filed by aspirants to SSC ,Department of Personnel and Training (DOPT) and PMO which were finally redirected to SSC and SSC replied to every complaint & grievance the same  that “Although different sets of question paper were used in various shifts, due care was taken to ensure that these sets were by and large of comparable standard.” See the status of one of the complaints.

For two consecutive years 2014 and 2015, SSC set unequal standard papers and in both years, aspirants got the same reply by SSC. So, aspirants filed cases against SSC both years. But SSC didn’t show any intentions to review its exam policy.

Another VYAPAM in Staff Selection Commission (SSC)?

A significant notice in this context, dated  Oct 2010 published on SSC old website, in which previous Chairman of SSC states that “ The commission, with the help of experts, has striven to construct question papers of comparable difficulty level. While such an exercise is theoretically possible, in practice it is impossible to have two or more question papers of identical difficulty levels. Even if the difficult papers may  be at a disadvantage vis-a-vis others. Therefore, there is a need for equating of the marks in examination involving multiple batches and question papers.”  Refer page no-1.

The further notice proposes Equipercentile Equating Technique  for normalization/ scaling /equalization of the difficulty level of question paper. Click here to See PDF.  The notice has been removed from the SSC Website after SSC started facing court cases against the disparity in question papers since Tier1, SSC CGLE 2014.

In this reference, several RTIs were filed to know whether any normalization or equalization technique is used in the examination conducted in multiple batches in the last two years. Reply of RTI’s mentioned below which clearly shows SSC doesn’t have any stand on normalization or equalization. It seems SSC is not taking RTIs seriously.

Sr no Date RTI no Reply
1 April 2015 SSCOM/R/2015/61250/2 SSC accepted Normalization is followed RTI 1    Reply
2 18.08.2015 SSCOM/R/2015/63199/1 SSC  not clearly stated anything in reply
 in Yes or No. RTI 2    Reply
3 Sep,2015 SSCOM/R/2015/64145/1 SSC does follow any kind of normalization
RTI3    Reply

Conclusion- Today, it can be stated that notice of previous chairman and SSC’s stand on normalization or equalization is not similar and somewhere SSC is not sincere enough to admit, what exactly they follow, in its RTI replies. Present examination process does not maintain the equal standard of question papers and no level playing field for all candidates. On the other hand, Banks, Railways, CAT etc followed the process of normalization / equalization / scaling because they all take the examination in different batches. 

Another VYAPAM in Staff Selection Commission (SSC)?

These exam bodies have also made their prelims exam qualifying in nature. Hence, it marks will not be added further to the final merit score to avoid the disparity because of multiple batches even they follow normalization. A single mark difference can cause a loss of 1000 rank in the merit list in these examinations. Current SSC policy has no intentions to think about it.


Stage 2. News of answer key leaks of various examinations conducted by SSC is increasing day by day.Gang members are caught by Police inJodhpur, Delhi, Patna, Baghpat, Rohtak and many more covering all over India this year.

Also, aspirants filed a case in Central  Administrative Tribunal, New Delhi, case no OA-4171/2013with OA-4378/2013, TA-48/2013, against cheating and answer key leaked by mediators (Schools and some officials). In this case, the court ordered for a re-examination of CGLE 2013.

Conclusion – Since then SSC has not taken any steps to curtail answer key leaks and cheating.  Banks (IBPS & SBI) were facing the same problems of answer key leaks then they introduced ONLINE examination and Biometric System for transparency. All over India, examination bodies have started conducting Online Exam, but SSC has no intentions about it. Now is the time, to decide for how long SSC wants the cycle of answer key leaks further cancelation of papers & re-exams.

Stage 3.  It is acceptable, if one or two questions are wrong or misprinted but  recently Tier 1, CGLE 2015  was conducted on 9th & 16th Aug 2015 in morning and evening shifts, a total of 4 shifts. In each of evening shifts, 8-9 questions were wrong in the paper. One person can think, it’s a blunder other can think that it is given intentionally and deliberately. It seems that SSC is doing favoritism to some candidates of morning shifts.This can be speculated because SSC did not give marks for wrong questions this year.

The situation got worst when Question Papers of different batches were not even in the same format. Many candidates got question papers without specific rough space to solve questions. Also, candidates are not allowed to have extra sheets inside the examination hall.

Topper’s score in examination 2013 and 2014 in prelims/Tier1 of  CGLE were 165 & 166 marks respectively out of 200. A topper who scored 190.50 marks out of 200 in Prelims/Tier1, 2015 which is nearly impossible to score in the examination because as per the news he  appeared in the evening shift. The paper had 8-9 wrong questions. SSC and Media should arrange an interview of the topper to know his background and study planning that how he scored almost 100% in a national level competitive exam.

Conclusion – It shows that there is no expert committee in SSC to review question papers before the examination. Also, there is no post-examination analysis done by SSC about the mismanagement and the answer key leaks.

Stage 4.  OMR Sheet scam. In October, after the Mains/Tier 2 of SSC CGLE 2015, series of  news was spread on the Facebook page of SSC TUBE ( The largest internet forum for SSC preparation). It was  published and being viral on social networks that some SSC officials fill OMR sheets which are left almost blank by the setter candidates after OMR sheets come for scanning in SSC headquarters, New Delhi. SSC top officials are aware of this corruption but are lethargic as usual. All links of the same news are given below.

How come SSC TUBE was able to whistle about the big news?

What was the big news?
Answer-The post dated 29.10.15 has been removed, but it somehow managed to get downloaded.

How exactly the OMR Scam happens and SSC top officials got to know about it?

Readers may not find the supporting links working because of the sensitivity of issues, in future.

Conclusion – SSC is losing its credibility and trust of lakhs of aspirants. All these allegations/misconduct/malpractices questioning the integrity of SSC as a National level  examination body. It is requested from the concerned authorities of Indian Government to intervene in this matter and investigate professionally the OMR scam if there is any.


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