Bangkok Bomb Suspect Used Chinese Passport To Fly In Bangladesh: Thai Police

Bangkok Bombing: The Thai police said that the Bangkok bomb suspect used Chinese airport to fly in Bangladesh a day before the attack. The officials confirmed this report on Wednesday.

This man is the alleged suspect for the bombing in Bangkok done on August 17. The suspicion on this man emerged after the interrogation being done with one of the two men held for giving backup to the man who was certainly the bomber.

The interrogated man revealed the name of the mastermind as “Izan”. He played the lead role in the bombing, starting with distributing the responsibilities to various people during a meeting in Bangkok itself.

Chakthip Chijinda, the Deputy Police Chief told TheReporterTimes that the leader has been named Izan by another suspect but he don’t think this is the real name of the leader. However, it is certainly clear that this man hold a key position in the whole plan.

“I don’t know what his nationality is … Let’s just say Izan is one of the foremost wanted individuals,” he added.

Bangkok Bomb Suspect Used Chinese Passport To Fly In Bangladesh: Thai Police

As of now, none of the prevailing terrorist groups have claimed the responsibility for this blast at the Erawan Shrine, a tourist attraction close to hotels and shopping malls. In the Bangkok bomb blast, 20 people lost their lives including 14 foreign tourists were killed.

Chakthip said that the Thai police will work in coordination with Bangladeshi police to find out where the suspect travelled on August 16. The leader used a Chinese passport to travel as told by an official from the immigration department. But it is certainly not clear if that was authentic or fake.

On the contrary, the inspector general of Bangladesh police AKM Shahidul Hoque told the reporters that he is unaware of the recent developments as of now.

Thai police seemed to haven’t reached any conclusion yet or not even close to defining any motive for bombing in the Bangkok after weeks of building theories and leads.

Thai police has issued arrest warrants for 11 people, but only two of them have been arrested after getting some leads connecting them with the bombings materials.

This was not an act of international terrorism as told by Somyot Pumpanmuang, the National Police Chief.

The closest progress to the main suspect have been in the findings of the man who admitted to deliver the packed bag of bomb and leaving it at the Shrine as caught on the security footage just before the blast.

Prawut Thawornsiri, the spokesperson of the police told the reporters that the testimony of the person in custody have revealed that the mastermind of this plan had provided directions to all the people involved in the plan via WhatsApp. However, the phone of the suspect hasn’t left any trails.

He, further, added that those suspects could be human traffickers. One of them used passport of China to fly in Bangladesh which suggest Xinjiang as his birthplace which seems to be genuine information.

The usage of the Chinese passports by one of those suspect has raise the speculations that they may be the sympathisers of the Uighur Muslims from Xinjiang, who always complain of persecution.

Thailand in July forcibly returned 109 Uighurs to China, which denies persecuting the community.

Seven of those killed in the blast were from mainland China and Hong Kong.

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