Nintendo Pokémon Go for iOS and Android brings Pokémon into the real world

Nintendo Pokemon Go Android iPhone Game: Pokemon Go, a new mobile game (app) has been launched by the Pokemon company by collaborating with Nintendo, a Google subsidiary, and Niantic. The latest game seems to be similar to the Ingress augmented reality game.

Powered by GPS, the all-new / latest Pokemon Go game enables players to find the virtual characters and let to have the fight in the real world. Niantic recently broke away from the Google during Alphabet reorganization. So, at the present moment, it is the joint investment made by Nintendo and the Pokemon company into the now new independent company.

Nintendo Pokémon Go for iOS and Android

Nintendo is also working on a new smartwatch device to be known as Pokemon Go Plus. It will help to replace the mobile phone from constantly staring at its screen with the Pokeball-shaped device. The ball device will vibrate and light up whenever the owner / user come across a Pokemon in the real world.

The work on this concept is going on for two years now in collaboration with late Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata as told by Tsunekazu Ishihara, the CEO of the Pokemon Company.

Pokemon Go release date for iOS and Android is expected to be in 2016. It would come into reality after 20 years of release of the original Pokemon games. It would be free to play for all, which will be available with various available in-app purchases. However, the Pokemon Go Plus watch price / cost is not decided yet.

The actual game or any of the other devices weren’t displayed too many times in today’s press conference in Tokyo. The viewers and fans can get the idea what the Pokemon Company, Nintendo, and Niantic are planning for, via watching the announcement trailer available below.

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