David Cameron faced mix reactions of people after allowing Syrian Refugees Resettlement


David Cameron, the British Prime Minister have faced mix reactions of the people over his decision to allow the Syrian Refugees resettlement by Britain Govt. After the picture of the 3-year-old child died while trying to escape goes viral over the internet. David Cameron makes a step to save his govt from allegations by the people around the world.

Earlier, Syrian Refugees was using the route of the river to make an illegal entry in Britain. In this regard, David Cameron has said that “We will take Syrians from the refugee camps. This provides them with a direct and safe route to the UK, rather than risking the hazardous journey which has cost so many lives.”

£900m of aid to help Syrian refugees – the second biggest bilateral donor was also allocated to the Syrian Refugees by the Prime Minister. Cameron added that “We are funding the shelter, food, water and vital medical supplies for millions of desperate Syrian refugees.”

On the facebook post of David Cameron a user alleged him for not providing the proper amenities to the poor people who are already living there, Paul Daley said “Any chance of supplying shelter, food and water for the many homeless people that already are here?”

And another user shows his concerns towards the security of country by allow ing such refugees “If that is the decision you have made, i do hope the Syrian refugees will be security vetted to the highest degree before being allowed to settle here, seeing as a lot of the so-called refugees are linked to ISIS”


While James Nicolson who is not happy with this decision, raises some questions in from of the Prime Minister

“Dear Mr. Cameron, I write this to you as I have a couple of questions that I would like clearing up if you wouldn’t mind?

You have just pledged another £100 million to help Syrian ”refugees” – what are you pledging to give to our own homeless or people that are struggling to live on the extremely low National Minimum Wage?

You have pledged to take in & house thousands of Syrian ”refugees” despite apparently opting out of doing so – what are you pledging to do to house ex-servicemen currently living on the streets after leaving the military?

You have said that we will be having a referendum on if we leave the EU in 2017 – are you going to allow immigrants and prisoners the right to vote as previously stated?

Look at the countries that these Syrian ”refugees” have already invaded over the last week -Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece – their behavior is that of animals. Do you really think that they will adapt to out laws & integrate into our society/way of life? 

Now a statement. All the trouble that has recently been happening in England – the hate preachers, the Muslim grooming gangs, the murder of Lee Rigby – is all on your head.
You have allowed OUR country to be invaded due to your lack of border control, and it seems that you haven’t learned your lesson. Close the borders now, or you may never get a chance to!

Sincerely, a very angry Englishman that will take matters into his own hands.”



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