EU Referendum Results 2016: Brexit wins as Britain votes to leave European Union

EU Referendum Results 2016
EU Referendum Results 2016

EU Referendum Results 2016 When (What Time) Winner Be Declared? Watch Online Poll Tracker Live Stream: The voting will close at about 10 pm, and the future of the Britain with the European Union will be known only after 7 am next morning. There will be more tension and speculation than a general election. (check: JEE Main rank 2016.)

This is because of non-commissioning of the exit polls over poll as they are more concerned about accuracy rather than just attracting viewers. Moreover, there was also no exit poll during the Scottish referendum which held in September 2014. The results will come out the counting of three distressed hours. The world will get to know the result of the EU Referendum by 7 am UK time.

EU Referendum Results 2016

There will be no exit polls as the broadcasters haven’t any working method to know the accuracy as the last polls were conducted in 1974. So, comparing with it will be a very risky task. However, pollsters YouGov runs a poll on the voting day. Its results will be disclosed just after the closing of the voting, at 10 pm.

It will be the last indication of who is going to win until the real result is announced. Until then, none of the unofficial polls can be trusted as there will lot of inconsistency in every single poll. (read: Independence Day: Resurgence movie review.)

How will the count take place? The Count Procedure.

The polling takes place from 7 am to 10 pm on June 23. It will be better to cast you vote early as there is going to more turnout than the last year’s general elections as per the forecast of the Electoral Commission.

However, if you can’t cast vote as early as possible, then also you will be allowed to cast it at 10 pm queues. With the closing of the polls, thousands of sealed ballot boxes will be collected from the polling stations and transferred to one of the 382 counting venues across the nation.

EU Referendum Results 2016

Why are the results so late?

It is so because the polling is to be conducted in the UK by dividing it into 382 areas. First of all, the announcement will be made; then only the counting will be started. Then, the ballot boxes will be transported to 12 electoral regions. Then, they will announce the results.

This time, it will be very different from a general election. It will be a big event because every single vote in the nation will be counted. In general elections, an MP needs to win the majority in the constituency to win the seat. But, here, in this case, the final declaration of the result will be announced after collecting all the local results.

Jenny Watson, the chairperson of the Electoral Commission and the referendum’s chief counting officer, will announce the result at Manchester Town Hall.

EU Referendum Results 2016

How can I watch the results on television?

The major tv channels like BBC, ITV, and Sky will cover the latest developments of the elections.

David Dimbleby will host the BBC1’s EU referendum – The Result program. It will start at 9:55 pm. Jeremy Vine, Emily Maitlis, Laura Kuennsberg, Kamal Ahmad, and other BBC reporters will join him.

Tom Bradbury will host the Referendum Result Live: ITV News Special. It is set to start at 10 pm. Robert Peston, Allegra Stratton, James Mates, and ITV News team across the country will join them.

Sky News will provide live coverage throughout the night with Adam Boulton, Jeremy Thompson, Kay Burley and the Sky team.

Which are the most important declarations?

The outcome of the turnout is expected to start come out at around 3 am. It will be interesting to know who will win? Is it the Labour party or the opposition.

In between 6 and 7 am, the main English results will be out which will have a large impact on deciding the result of the EU in or out referendum.

The result of the West Midlands will be announced at 6 am, then the East Midlands, South West at 6:30 am, and at last at 7 am of Eastern, North West, and South East.

EU Referendum Results 2016

What happens next?

After the results, the Britain’s prime minister David Cameron is expected to make an announcement regarding the result as he did at the Scottish’s time.

The statement would be only to calm down the London Stock Market. It starts trading at 8 am.

When will I find out how my area voted?

  • 4 am, Wales (22 counting areas)
  • 4 am, Northern Ireland (18 areas)
  • 5 am, North East (12 counting areas)
  • 5 am, Scotland (17 counting areas)
  • 5 am, London (33 areas)
  • 5 am, Yorkshire & Humber (21 counting areas)
  • 6 am, West Midlands (30 counting areas
  • 6.30am, East Midlands (40 counting areas)
  • 6.30am, South West (38 counting areas)
  • 7 am, Eastern (46 areas)
  • 7 am, North West (39 counting areas)
  • 7 am, South Eastern (68 counting areas)
EU Referendum Results 2016

Stay tuned.

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