Happy Halloween Costumes Ideas 2016: Last Minute Outfits for Couples, DIY & Horror Night Party Idea

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Halloween Costumes Ideas 2016 Last Minute Outfits for Couples, DIY, Horror Night Party: Finally, It’s Halloween time. No wonder the whole world is searching for the costume on what to wear for this Haloween. I think everyone might have known that Haloween or AllHaloween is coming this Saturday. Since it’s on a weekend, many corporate offices too are joining hands to show up their love for the dead. (share: halloween greetings.)

If we look into some history, we come across with words like Haloween is a Western Christain Feast of All Hallow’s Day celebrated in many countries and begins the 3-day observance of the Allhallowtide. It is quite an exciting event with a lot of activities. So are you ready to take a look at the coolest Haloween costume which might help you stand out of the crowd this Saturday.

Halloween Costumes Ideas 2016

What do you think are the highly rated Halloween costume this year? Well, we have got you the answer. You can take your guesses. Well, it’s looks like Batman and his pals are quite popular in the list. Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad stands second. Pirates too are famous and SuperMan is also a hot favorite. Star Wars comes at the last. But as far as the top Halloween costumes are considered, these five top all of them. So make sure you pick your one or do drop your costumes for us to share. (see: halloween pictures.)

Halloween DIY Costumes Ideas

May be you were suddenly invited for a Haloween Party and you haven’t planned any costume yet. But we have brought you some cool last moment Halloween DIY Costumes which might save you from embarrassment. To your surprise, there aren’t any ideas for you. Oops, let me explain, we have seen people going out of the box at the last moment and do some stupid and hilarious Halloween costumes. You might have heard of a serial killer, but this cereal killer is just amazing. Take a look and he will make your day for sure. (check: Halloween candies 2016.)

This couple has taken a shirt and made some holes. The boyfriend has turned himself as a spark and Gf as a victim. This one is cool though it was made at the last second. So I say to give it a thought and you can make some work for you.


Halloween Costumes Ideas 2015 for Couples

Yeah, couples. What can you guys wear for the Haloween? If you want to stand out the crowd, you can try these two costumes. You might have seen so many going for the regular Superheroes like Superman and Wonderwoman. Batman and Batgirl. But you will truly enjoy these two costumes. First one is the old and classic Popeye and Olive. Though it’s old, not many go for it, you can try this one. You can also go with some Japnese anime stuff like Attack on Titan. It’s the hot favorite at the moment and not many go for it. Apart from these two, you can also go for bread and butter or toast. We have seen many couples going for the daily food like pizzas too. They just look around and they make it look good.

Halloween Horror Night Ideas

How can you make the Haloween night exciting? We have pinned down some cool Halloween Horror Night Ideas. Take a look at them.

  1. Murder Mystery Game

You can make the horror night intriguing with the Murder Mystery Game. Your friends and you can solve the murder mystery. You can get a lot of kits out there. Just buy one and try it.


2.  Halloween Treasure Hunt

This one can also keep you entertained. This one can also be found on the local shops. Just try this one too.

Stay tuned with us for more news and don’t forget to share Halloween Costumes Ideas 2016.


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