Is Amma Jayalalitha Dead or Alive? Latest News & Live Updates on CM Jayalalithaa Health Condition: Funeral

Is Jayalalithaa Dead? Latest News & Updates on CM Health Condition
Is Jayalalithaa Dead? Latest News & Updates on CM Health Condition

Is Jayalalitha Dead?: The latest news & updates state Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa died/passed away on December 5, 2016, at 11:30 pm. She was undergoing treatment at Apollo Hospital in Chennai. She has been reportedly suffered a cardiac arrest (heart attack) today, Sunday evening.

AH COO Subbiah Vishwanathan said the following in a press release. He stated that “She is being treated and monitored by a team of experts, including pulmonologists, cardiologists and critical care specialists.”

Is Jayalalithaa Dead? Latest News & Updates on CM Health Condition

Amma Jayalalithaa

On September 22, CM J Jayalalithaa was hospitalized as she was suffering from fever and dehydration. Later on, doctors moved her into the intensive care unit (ICU) on a ventilator due to lung congestion.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh had a meeting with Tamil Nadu Governor C Vidyasagar Rao after her cardiac arrest news came up.

The Apollo Hospitals issued the following official statement on the 68-year-old Amma Jayalalithaa’s health condition.

Is Jayalalithaa Dead? Latest Updates on CM Health Condition

AIADM also tweeted regarding her ongoing treatment. They said the following.

Puratchi Thalaivi Amma being treated and monitored by a team of experts including Cardiologists, Pulmonologist & Critical care specialists.”

Earlier, a team of doctors at AIIMS had declared her fine and had said that she could return home soon. She was taking physical exercises in the care of specialists.

Direct Updates from Apollo Hospital:

12:31 pm:

Pres Pranab Mukherjee to depart for Chennai from Delhi again, after the technical snag in the IAF plane carrying him has been take care of

12:06pm: PM Narendra Modi arrives in Chennai to pay his respects to J Jayalalithaa

12 noon: IAF plane carrying President Pranab Mukherjee to Chennai returns to Delhi after facing a technical snag: PTI

11:46am: Tamil superstar Rajinikanth pays his respects to Jayalalithaa, whose body is at Rajaji hall in Chennai

11:30 pm: (December 5, 2016)

With great sadness, we have to inform you that Our beloved leader, The Iron Lady of India Puratchi Thalaivi Amma is no more.

Tamil Nadu CM J Jayalalithaa breathed her last at 11.30 pm (December 5).

10:30 pm:

Meeting of AIADMK MLAs could be held later tonight: C Ponnaiyan, AIADMK leader.

Jayalalitha Medical Report

6:25 pm:

Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu reached Apollo Hospital. Naidu usually doesn’t prefer traveling fast, but this time his convoy was in a rush towards the hospital.

5:55 pm:

A large team of doctors from Apollo and AIIMS continues to provide all life-saving measures. According to Apollo hospitals, Amma Jayalalitha is still alive. 

5:00 pm:

Our team of expert doctors continues to monitor and treat the Honourable Chief Minister closely. However, her condition remains critical

11:49 am:

Apollo Hospital Spokesperson says CM #jayalalithaa remains very critical &is on ECMO and other life support systems, being closely observed.

11:30 am:

Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu to go to Chennai today to take stock of Tamil Nadu CM #Jayalalithaa’s health condition.


09:08 am:

Chennai: Heavy police deployment as supporters gather outside Apollo hospital where Tamil Nadu CM #Jayalalithaa is admitted.

09:05 am:

Tamil Nadu: Supporters gather outside Apollo Hospital in Chennai, where CM Jayalalitha is admitted, praying for her speedy recovery

08:34 am:

Chennai: Traffic police block roads leading to Apollo hosp (Greams Road), where TN CM #Jayalalithaa is admitted, to avoid traffic congestion

04:40 am:
No new news so far. It appears Govt is coming up with an official statement today morning. Fans keep on praying for the whole night outside Apollo Hospital for recovery of Amma.

2:38 am:

Our doctors are closely monitoring Hon’ble CM’s condition, and they are trying their very best. – Sangita Reddy

2:19 am:

Tamil Nadu ministers present inside Apollo Hospital in Chennai where CM is admitted who suffered a cardiac arrest today.

12:40 am:

The Apollo TN CM Jayalalitha is critical, Multi specialty team Apollo Hospitals trying everything including ECMO (Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) – Sangita Reddy [Executive Director, Apollo Hospitals]

12:20 am:

All top police personnel of the state and central govt are asked to report early morning.

Image source: Twitter

12:17 am:

Governor left the hospital in around without issuing any public statement on Jayalalithaa’s health condition. Supporters outside hospital

12:05 am:

Tamil Nadu Governor Vidyasagar Rao reaches Apollo Hospital in Chennai to enquire about CM Jayalalithaa’s health. Confirmed: Schools and Colleges are closed tomorrow, Announced on Doordarshan Television

12:00 am:

Tamil Nadu governor is expected to brief the Press ‘Is Amma Jayalalitha Dead or Alive’ at 12 AM. There will be confirmed news for Amma Health position by 12:15 AM.

All the News Channel Editors are called for an urgent Press meet at 12 am. Expect news around 12.15 am – Tamil Nadu Sources [Unconfirmed but Trusted]

TN CM Jayalalithaa is on extracorporeal membrane heart assist device

Warning: Do not believe WhatsApp messages quoting “Amma Jayalalitha Dead.” She is still undergoing the treatment inside the hospital.

11:10 pm:
Dr. Richard Beale from London has also been consulted, and he has concurred with the line of treatment by our cardiologists & pulmonologists.

Our prayers are with her, and we hope she will recover soon. We request all of you to pray for her good health and well being. She is on extracorporeal membrane heart assist device and is being treated by a team of expert doctors and critical care specialists.

The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu who is undergoing treatment at Apollo Hospitals, Greams Road, suffered a cardiac arrest this evening.

Stay tuned.

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    Amma will become normal because she has got the grace of Godess Chamundeshwari and she never fails.

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    Sonia Gandhi in North, Sharad Pawar in Maharashtra and Jayalalitha in South, the 3 most corrupt , criminal and richest politicians in India. Nothing but looted India.

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    Aaaand she’s been so so corrupt!

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