Israel Defense Ministry plan to close all IDF training courses for Israelis of Ethiopian origin

Israel Defense Ministry has decided to end all the courses for the people who natively belong to the Ethiopian origin. The country has┬ácancelled the separate courses from a particular region and claims its a step to bring ‘equality’ in the Israel Defence forces.

According to a report from Prime Minister of Israel it has been written that

The diplomatic committee of Israel on the integration of Israeli citizens of Ethiopian origin, chaired by Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, convened today at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem and approved Defense Ministry, Economy and Industry Ministry and Civil Service Commission plans on integrating Israelis of Ethiopian origin into Israeli society. Prime Minister Netanyahu is continuing to personally lead the plan to integrate Israelis of Ethiopian origin.

The committee approved the Defense Ministry plan to close all IDF training courses for Israelis of Ethiopian origin thus bringing about their full integration into the IDF. Prime Minister Netanyahu said, “The cancellation of separate courses is valuable given that the IDF is a factor for integration of the highest order. Everyone is equal in the IDF and there is no favoritism.”

Many people have welcomed the decision of their govt in making it easy for the people from other origins to get engaged with the country’s defence forces.

One Ethiopian citizen replied to this decision as ‘wow i am an Ethiopian i love Israel very mutch almost most of Ethiopians addicted with the love of Israel.jews peoples are especial and talented, committed 4 their day I want invite and at smart people and Jerusalem. I read many books about background history of Israel its so amazing.God keeps Israel and lovely peoples.’

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