Nawaz Sharif at UNGA: Applauds Burhan Wani, terrorist who wants to unfurl ‘Islamic Flag on Red Fort’

nawaz sharif, panama papers, panama verdict, supreme court, corruption, pakistan
nawaz sharif, panama papers, panama verdict, supreme court, corruption, pakistan

Nawaz Sharif at UNGA claimed Burhan Wani was a ‘Young Leader’: Days not gone when Burhan Wani, Hizbul Mujahideen poster boy was killed by Indian Army after joint operation in the area. It has been widely observed that the killing of terrorist who wants to unfurl ‘Islamic Flag on Red Fort’ was repeatedly applauded by many in Islamic republic of Pakistan.

The extraordinary terrorist got repeated mass movement support in valley and Pakistan as well. However, Hindus and Muslims in Jammu part of Kashmir organised mass rallies against terrorism praising the army. The said differentiated response on death of a Kashmiri boy had shocked masses.

Nawaz Sharif claims Wani  was a “Young Leader”

Supporting an activity against the normal norms of general code of conduct by any nation is what Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif did. He called Burhan Wani a “Young Leader”. Ironically, after few moments, the same person demanded support for Pakistan’s bid to the Nuclear Suppliers Group. It was the first time, one person was spotted at UNGA supporting militant activity and violence and bidding for a place in NSG group.

Adding his response on Kashmir issue, he even challenged peace talks with the lines ‘No peace is possible without resolution of Kashmir issue‘.

According to defence experts it was directly a message that Pakistan will continue supporting terrorism, some people believes it was the first time Pakistan accepted in UNGA about their state sponsored terrorism .

Got a befitting reply from Vikas Swarup immediately

Since many countries had already requested Pakistan to stop providing homage to terrorists. India once again raised the question whether Pakistan wants peace or violence. Minister of External Affairs of India, counted his words against terrorism on twitter.

MEA wrote on Twitter ‘ PM Sharif at UNGA says India poses unacceptable conditions to dialogue. India’s only condition is an end to terrorism. This not acceptable? Pak PM Sharif at UNGA glorifies Hizbul terrorist Burhan Wani in UN’s highest forum. Shows continued Pak attachment to terrorism. Pak PM Sharif at UNGA in complete denial of Uri terror attack. 19 infiltration attempts stopped at LoC this year. Indigenous??!! ‘

Earlier yesterday, PM Nawaz Sharif, who was openly supporting the terrorist Burhan Wani had denied entry of our reporter at a conference. This type of differential treatment to reporters was observed for the first time in entire United States.

UNGA usually remains as platform to share peace talks but most of the time some specific countries gave cries in support of terrorism.

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