Udaan 21st September 2016: Suraj Stops Chakor Getting Engaged

Udaan 31st October 2016
Udaan 31st October 2016

Udaan 21st September 2016: Tejaswini went to Suraj and told him about Chakor and Vivan’s engagement and asked him to stop what he was doing. She said that he already lost his love, and he should now not lose his wife at least. (check: Udaan Last Episode.)

Chakkor smiled and stated that Imli sacrificed her love just for Chakor. She would never forget her that favor. She gave her hand. Vivan thought that he loved Chakor only since childhood. But he felt something wrong was happening. Emli asked Vivan to forward his hand. Vivan holds Chakor’s hand.

Udaan 21st September 2016

Imli felt sad and cried and went from there. Kasturi saw Imli crying and was worried for her. Vivan saw Emli in Chakkor and was confused as what was happening to him. Even he smiled seeing Imli instead of Chakor. His imagination then ended. The ring felt from his hand.

Suraj came there an asked if he was mad as he was going to marry his wife whom he had not given even divorce yet. Even Vivan then felt that he did not love Chakkor and loved Imli as he had imagined her while making Chakor wear the ring.

Emli was crying and said that it hurt a lot when heart got broke. She felt that love was not good at all. Vivan realized that he actually loved Imli and not Chakor. He felt that she was his true love. Suraj asked Chakkor to come with her as she was his wife.

Udaan 21st September 2016

Chakor asked Suraj to leave her hand, and Vivan too asked him to stop behaving like that. Sooraj asked Chakor to stop her drama. He asked all the guests to leave.

Tejaswini said to Ranjana that Suraj would not stop as he was doing anything wrong in taking her wife back to home. Suraj then argued with Chakkor for what she was doing. He said that how she could she marry Vivaan knowing that Emli loves Vivan. She stated that she knew it.

Suraj was shocked when he got to know that Imli was leaving.
Vivaan came there. Chakor apologized him from Suraj’s side. Vivan then said to her that he wanted to tell her something. She asked him to speak, and he did not need to ask her before saying anything. He thought to tell her that he loved Imli and not her. He did not say anything and left from there.

Imli told Chakkor that she did not know that Suraj would spoil the things. She asked her to meet Vivan and decide the final marriage date. She questioned her if she was happy.

Chakor started crying and said that she was being selfish and felt that she was snatching the things from Emli. Emli calmed her and said that her sister in not selfish. Imli and Suraj fell into an argument as Suraj decided to tell Vivaan that she loved him a lot.

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