Old Video of Amber Heard Partying with Sister Whitney Henriquez went Viral on Twitter, Tiktok, Reddit


Amber Heard Partying with Sister Whitney Henriquez went Viral on Twitter, Tik tok, Reddit: When Amber Heard was going into the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard

trial, she deleted a lot of things from her social media accounts. One such video was a reaction video after getting a quite generous divorce settlement from Johnny Depp. (Related: Who is Amber Heard Dating now?)

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Someone saved Amber’s video dated February 24 2017 in which Amber and her Sister Whitney Henriquez can be seen partying in the car they got from the settlement. Her Instagram was full of such videos which were deleted and not used in the latest trial.

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The video was taken by Amber Heard and the caption reads “sorry not sorry”. The song that played in the video was Justin Bieber’s Sorry song. The duo looks over the moon as they dance to Justin’s song.

In the 2016 Divorce settlement, Amber was awarded a $7 million divorce settlement along with some other monetary payments.

  1. 7 Million Dollars, to be donated to two charities (She donated $1.3 million and kept the rest of the money for herself)
  2. Dogs –  Pistol and Boo, and a horse named Arrow.
  3.  TMZ later reported that she asked for spousal support but Johnny Depp asked the judge to reject Amber’s claim for spousal support.

While Johnny Depp faced a lot of problems in his professional career after the divorce, Amber Heard enjoyed a lavish lifestyle of being ‘Not Sorry’ with the Divorce settlement sought in the name of ‘Charity’.

In 2014, Amber Heard was reportedly earning around 40,000$ per year (Roughly 3000$ a month) and was able to afford a decent lifestyle with a luxurious car. The car in the video is unidentifiable but apparently, it is a 2015 Dodge Journey.

Amber heard was making around $250,000 from various endeavours but spent almost $210,000 in 2014. Her biggest role since the day was playing Mera in “Aquaman”, she reportedly made around 5 Million USD from her Mera role.

So what are your thoughts on the old Video of Amber Heard Partying with Sister Whitney Henriquez that went Viral on Twitter, Tiktok, and Reddit? Do let us in comments below

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