Press release Regarding Wikileaks Publisher Julian Assange


Wikileaks have clearly stated that “JULIAN ASSANGE is unlawfully detained for 5 years without charge at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. We stand together.”

In a press release tweeted by WikiLeaks, it also added the words threatening situations for civil liberties. This development has come after United Nations has supported the free organisation and told the Ecuadorian embassy to pay him a compensation for the wrongful detention.

The highlighted text on the Press release is “The Opinions of the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention are legally-binding to the extent that they are based on binding international human rights law, such as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). The WGAD has the mandate to investigate allegations of individuals being deprived of their liberty in an arbitrary way or inconsistently with international human rights standards, and to recommend remedies such as release from detention and compensation, when appropriate.The binding nature of its opinions derives from the collaboration by States in the procedure, the adversarial nature of is findings and also by the authority given to the WGAD by the UN Human Rights Council. The Opinions of the WGAD are also considered as authoritative by prominent international and regional judicial institutions, including the European Court of Human Rights.”


Accusing the British Govt again, Wikileaks has stated ‘Another lie by the UK Government today, is that Assange was not detained and could have walked out of the embassy at any given moment. The UN Human Rights Council doesn’t simply write a statement based on falsehoods’

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