Renowned neurologist Oliver Sacks dies at the age of 82

Acclaimed author with huge following and one of the most popular neurologist of the country, Oliver Sacks, who wrote about his battle with cancer and recovering from the worst times, died early on Sunday Morning, his longtime collaborator, Kate Edgar, confirmed media persons about this sad event. He was 82-year-old.

Kate Edgar said Oliver Sacks died at his home in Greenwich Village with her and his partner, Bill Hayes, at his side.Oliver Sacks was treated one eye 9 years ago which left cancer effect, ocular melanoma was diagnosed from his body by the team of doctors. Later on, despite the treatment, cancer spread.

Sacks write that he thinks that his time is over with this world and he is losing his life every moment from now. In the concerned topic he has written that “I feel grateful that I have been granted nine years of good health and productivity since the original diagnosis, but now I am face to face with dying,” Sacks wrote in February. “Cancer occupies a third of my liver, and though its advance may be slowed, this particular sort of cancer cannot be halted,”.

The British born neurologist was an inspiration for many doctors to learn about the new cases and fight through the situation.

JK Rowling, have tweeted on his death



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