Saudi Arabia Offers To Build 200 Mosques For Refugee Syrians in Germany


Saudi Arabia has offered to build 200 mosques for the refugee Muslims of Syria in Germany and refuses to take in fellow Muslim people. It is that which don’t permit to build churches but funds construction of mosques in another country.

The several nations of the world have accused the richer neighbours of Syria, for not helping in amidst the refugee crisis. They haven’t lend a helping held in this humanitarian crisis. The list of such nations includes Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, and the UAE.

Saudi Arabia Offers To Build 200 Mosques For Refugee Syrians in Germany

Instead of taking up any more refugees, the Saudi Arabia has agreed to build one mosque for every 100 refugees who have taken the shelter in Germany as reported by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in the Lebanese newspaper Al Diyar.

However, it would be totally not fair to say that the Gulf Arab states haven’t lended any helping hand for four million Syrians who left their country since 2011 due to the inside conflicts.

Recently, the reports of the al-Hayat newspaper suggest that approximately 500,000 Syrians have made Saudi Arabia their home as workers and not as refugees.

Moreover, according to the reports of the BBC, the rich people and organizations have donated about $900 million for the maintenance of the refugee camps around the Syrian border.


There is an active fear of letting in Syrians loyal to Bashar-al-Assad keeping the history of competition between the Gulf States and Iranian-allied nations in mind.

It may also result into a significant demographic change which would oppose the idea of welcoming refugees. The foreign nationals in the UAE have already outnumbered its citizens by more than five to one.

While, in Germany, two refugee families have been allowed by Angela Merkel to stay in the home for asylum-seekers in the Berlin suburb of Spandau on Thursday.


Angela told reporters after the visit: “Their integration will certainly take place in part via the children, who will learn German very quickly in kindergarten. And I hope and believe that the great majority will want to learn our language very quickly.”

It will be interesting to see if she welcomes or not the Saudi Arabia’s reported offer in which Al Diyar noted to have written “have to go through the federal authorities”, is pending as of now.

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