[Live Stream] Solar Eclipse (Surya Grahan 2016) in India and 13 other countries on Mar 9: Precautions and Mythological beliefs


In the upcoming days, India will face Solar eclipse along with 13 other countries. Surya Grahan aka Solar Eclipse have various mythological importance in sanatana dharma, hence it usually categorised as a day to take various protections in order to save one from and upcoming uncertainty.

It would be a Purna Surya Grahan (Total Solar Eclipse) and yet everyone is warned not to see the same with bare eyes. The total central duration would be 04 minute and 09 seconds according to a report of NASA.

The eclipse would be visible in Australia, Palau, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, China, Myanmar, Sri lanka, Indian ocean & North Pacific ocean, India, South Korea and Guinea

It would be visible in India on 9th of March during 05:43 AM – 06:13 AM – 06:44 AM (New Delhi), where 06:13 would be the highest point of time. However in the upper areas of the country including Jammu and Kashmir the same would be rarely visible.

The gif represents how will the eclipse is going to move around the earth. (Source: NASA)

Mythological beliefs in relation with Surya Grahan 

There are many mythological beliefs can be found in sanatan dharam his tory. One of the most common is legend of Rahu and Ketu. During Samudra Manthan (churning of ocean), when the divine nectar (Amrit) came out, Lords wants to make sure that no devil will be able to consume it. In order to do that lord vishnu turned himself into a lady and make the devils consume simple water and lords consume the nectar.


One devil named RahuKetu understood the trick and got himself placed in between the sun and the moon in order to consume nectar. Sun and Moon understand the trick and informed lord about that. After getting angry of this, Lord Vishnu beheaded his head. As he have consumed some part of nectar, he remains immoral but in two parts i.e, Rahu and Ketu.

He thinks that the Sun and the moon are responsible for his condition and thus he comes to earth to challenge sun and the day is known as Solar Eclipse. During the period of Solar Eclipse, all temples remains closed.

Sutak: Sutak is the period before 12 hours of solar eclipse live streaming. Important works should be avoided during this period according to beliefs.

Precautions could be taken during Surya Grahan (Mythological)

  • Chant different mantras (Soorya Stotram, Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra or Gayatri Mantra)
  • Cooking should be avoided
  • Cutting and Chopping should be avoided
  • Stay inside home
  • Sprinkle Gangajal on things after Eclipse

Precautions could be taken during Surya Grahan (Solar Eclipse) – Technical

  • Do not see sun with bare eyes
  • Do not go outside if you have any skin related disease
  • Consult doctor in case of burn or rashes


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