Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 8th March 2016 Episode 291 Colors TV: Kasturi Gets Killed

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 13th April 2016

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 8th March 2016: Today’s episode started with Ashok was practicing his aim and Kaurvaki came and stood before it. She tried to question him and make him realized that his fight is for the greater good and he shouldn’t get distracted from small events. She made him realize his abilities by instigating him. As a result, he finally hit the scarecrow perfectly. (read: CAS last episode.)

Kaurvaki smiled and told him that what matters is his determination. He talked about obstacles. Then, he told him to concentrate on its removal rather than focusing how big they are. Thereafter, he left to meet Acharya Radha Gupta for his dream of united Bharata. Meanwhile, Dharma reached and knocked Bindusara’s door. (watch: Solar Eclipse Live Streaming 2016.)

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 8th March 2016

Charumitra again started planning with her son to show Ashoka low in Samrat’s eyes. On one hand, Ashok remembered something about Acharya Chanakya’s death. A Dassi (Kasturba) was employed to find some clues about his death, but she wasn’t found for many days. He headed to find her. On the other hand, Sushim was counting on his confidence and planning. Actually, he has kept her hidden when she got to know the killers of Acharya Chanakya. (check: CAS all episodes.)

However, Kasturi somehow freed herself and managed to escape. As soon as Sushim got to know about it, he started searching her. Meanwhile, Ashoka saw her mother standing at the door and knocking, but Bindusara refused to open and asked her to leave him alone. Ashok regretted that situation and told Kaurvaki that such a situation has never happened before. He said his father has always shared his worries with his mother. He said that he wanted to apologize to him. Kaurvaki thought an idea.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 8th March 2016

Sushim wasn’t able to digest the truth. On the other hand, Helena postponed her plan to go and meet her father. She asked others to go find and kill Kasturi at the earliest.

In a plan to make Samrat open his door, Kaurvaki planned and brought Drupad, then asked him to ask his father for his birthday gift. Drupad knocked the door many times, but his father didn’t open the door instead told him that it’s not the appropriate time. Dharma was going through the corridor when Ashok called her and hid her behind the pole. Ashoka, Dharma, and Kaurvaki were looking at him.

After several failed attempts, Bindusara finally opened the door and he smiled and called Drapud ‘Nanhe Samrat’ and apologized for not opening the door. When Bindusara asked Drupad the reason, he replied that he forgot seeing Bindu’s anger.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 8th March 2016

Then, Drupad looked at others and they came out. While looking at Dharma, Bindu said that it was her plan then, but Dharma looked towards Ashoka while he referred to Kaurvaki, to which she accepted. Without wasting any more time, Ashoka apologized his father for disheartening him.

Bindu replied that he still believes in him, that’s why he made Ashok, the Yuvraj. But, at the same time, Bindu advised Ashok to maintain his calm and work with wisdom and not with anger. He told him the patience is the key to complete the responsibility given. Ashoka agreed to it. Then, all of them shared a huge.

In the meantime, Kasturi was looking out for Dharma but couldn’t find. Then, she found Bindu and all at once and just as hurried towards them, Helena pulled her. Sushim and his allies found Kasturi and brought her to a private room. Mahamatya came with a snake inside the sack and placed it near the leg of Kasturi. Siamak got threatened and concerned for himself. Helena sent him out. Just as Kasturi moved a little, the snake bit her.

Drupad noticed Siamak coming out from an unknown place as there was no place there. On the other hand, Ashoka and Acharya Radha Gupta were discussing and thinking about the reason why Kasturi didn’t return.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 8th March 2016

Precap: Ashoka found Kasturi at her death bed. She muttered regarding the death of Acharya Chanakya. On the other hand, Siamak felt that Ashok has got some lead on him. Ashok slapped Siamak.

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