Uvalde Police Cowards: Cops Face America’s Anger for ‘Thanking Officers’

Uvalde Police Cowards:
Uvalde Police Cowards:

Uvalde Police Cowards: Police are being slammed as ‘Cowards’ for their conduct in the wake of the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, this week.Bungled

On Tuesday, 19 children, two adults, and the shooter Salvador Ramos were killed in the incident.

The debacle has generated a storm of outrage on social media and cable news, with many people demanding answers as to why local authorities rushed into the building without being challenged by the shooter but quickly retreated and took cover. Border enforcement personnel shot Ramos more than an hour later.

Police did not pursue Ramos due to worries that they would take fire and police “could have been shot” if they had continued, according to a Texas Department of Public Safety (TDPS) Lieutenant Chris Olivarez. After news of the delay broke, the word “cowards” was trending on Twitter.”

A Marine Veteran, Jake commented on the act of Uvalde Police, and he said: “There are many things I could do for 40 minutes — even things I hate. But what I could never do, listen to 19 children get gunned down inside a school, while standing outside doing nothing.”.

“The Uvalde cops were a bunch of spineless wimps who dishonored their badges,” tweeted British TV personality Piers Morgan on Friday. “Heads should roll, and some should be charged with criminal negligence. Instead, they let those kids suffocate.”

During an appearance, conservative pundit Eric Bolling called the police response “unforgivable,” pointing out that cops did not enter the classroom despite knowing there was an active shooter inside with pupils.

Bolling slammed the school’s resource officer with “a total disregard for duty,” claiming that he was negligent in his duties and neglected to protect students. Following the shooting, the Uvalde Police Department’s Facebook page was flooded by thousands of irate comments from the public.

A Facebook user observed, “If the police had been informed that they were serving a no-knock warrant on a black person’s home, they would have tripped over each other to get in,” which has received more than 700 likes on Friday night.

Why Uvalde Police Cowards is trending on Twitter

As the people realized that Uvalde Police had the perfect opportunity to save the kids from being shot by Salvador Ramos, People demanded DA to take action against the captain. 18-year-old Salvador Ramos killed 19 children.

In a 26th May address, the Uvalde police noted that “Our entire department is thankful that the officers did not sustain any life-threatening injuries”

Uvalde Police Cowards: Cops Face America's Anger for 'Thanking Officers'
Uvalde Police Cowards: Cops Face America’s Anger for ‘Thanking Officers’

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