Meet Nicole Moorman, the Wife / Girlfriend of Rapper Trouble DTE aka Skoob

Who is Nicole Moorman, rapper Trouble DTE's girlfriend? Baby Mama Skoob Wiki Bio, Net Worth 2022
Who is Nicole Moorman, rapper Trouble DTE's girlfriend? Baby Mama Skoob Wiki Bio, Net Worth 2022

Atlanta rapper Trouble DTE died on Sunday, June 5, 2022. Someone shot and killed him while he was in his car. At the moment, it is not known why or who murdered him. His ex-girlfriend Alexis Sky made the news of Mariel Semonte Orr’s death public.

Mariel Orr aka Trouble may not be a big name as 50 Cent or Eminem, but he was on fire in the hip-hop world. He started rapping when he was 14 years old. On December 17, 2011, Orr released his debut mixtape. It was listed in Complex Magazine’s Top 25 Mixtapes of 2011. He had collaborated with mostly everyone from Waka Flocka Flame to Lupe Fiasco.

On the whole, Trouble was kind of a successful rapper in the industry. Allegedly, he put his girlfriend Nicole Moorman to bed with Drake so that he could make a comment on one of his songs of Drake.

Who is Nicole Moorman? Trouble Girlfriend

Previously, Trouble was in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend Alexis Sky. She posted a heartfelt note upon the death of the rapper.

After Alexis, the late-rapper came across Nicole Moorman. When they got officially together, Trouble had posted a photo of them on Instagram. He shared about his new wife on one of his IG stories. As of 2022, Nicole is 34-years-old (age), and celebrates birthday on April 17 every year.

In that story, Trouble sang the romantic DeAngelo song, Lady. He was also featured with the photo of Nicole Moorman in that story. Some really good detectives over the internet found the real name of his new girlfriend at that time.

By profession, Moorman is a criminal defense lawyer in Atlanta. She has represented rapper Lil Durk regarding his case. Durk is one of the high-profile clients that her company, Arora & LaScala. The firm’s official website has featured her face on it.


The company deals with alcohol and drug crimes, and specializes in criminal defense and holds Lil Durk as one of its prominent clients.

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Initially, when the relationship between Trouble and Nicole Moorman was made public, the internet had started gossiping about his new partner choice. At the time, the rapper had taken a stand and defended her new girlfriend via his Twitter post.

Trouble blasted at TMZ and made it clear that they shouldn’t imply that a lawyer has fallen in love with his client.

He also stated that he and Moorman were married, referring to her as “his wife.” It isn’t the first time when Trouble’s relationship was discussed.

In August 2019, the rapper Skoob was in a relationship with Love & Hip Hop star Alexis Skyy. She had announced the same on her Instagram page. She had posted a photo in which they could have been seen kissing and hugging, but it was deleted a while ago. Their relationship was going back and forth, and they broke up eventually.

Who is rapper Trouble’s baby mama? Children/Kids

Trouble had a baby mama and one kid at least. However, they are still missing at the moment as he wasn’t very vocal about his family’s details in the public domain. He liked to keep his personal life under wraps to the extent that he hasn’t published the pictures of his kids on the internet.

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