Who is Michael Louis? : Tulsa Hospital Attacker had a nice Christian family

Michael Louis
Michael Louis

Who is Michael Louis: Tulsa Attacker Michael Louis became the top story in national headlines after taking the life of Dr. Preston Phillips. Dr. Philips was an orthopedic surgeon with 32-years of experience. The former patient of Dr. Philips, Michael Louis, was furious at him for the ‘never-ending pain.’


Michael Louis belonged to a small but close family in Oklahoma. He saw Dr. Philips earlier for an issue, and the orthopedic surgeon asked him to undergo surgery. Louis had doubts, but he decided to trust the professional opinion and ended up with a ‘never-ending pain’ post-surgery.

Michael Louis Family

45-year-old Louis belonged to a small family in Muskogee, Oklahoma. He was discharged on May 24 after the surgery. He tried to contact Dr. Philips and the hospital multiple times for some ‘help with the pain.’

Louis’s family is disappointed in him and doesn’t want to be associated with him. His niece said, “I don’t even want to be associated,” while confirming the story. According to his niece, Louis had been experiencing back pain for months. The surgery didn’t help him at all.

Michael Louis also called the hospital on June 1, requesting additional treatment. However, the call recording is being examined to determine what incited the Tulsa shooter to take four lives.

Michael Louis Career and Lifestyle

Louis was 45 and recently moved to Oklahoma; he used to live in Muskogee. Michael is a practicing Christian with Haitian roots. According to the inputs, it’s believed that Michael Louis worked at AT&T Rethink Possible. He had years of work experience in the technology company.

Michael Louis was suffering from back pain for months. He belonged to a fairly middle-class family. There are no records available to determine if he was arrested earlier. Although the picture released by the Tulsa police chief shows him standing in what appears to be a prison.

Michael Louis
Michael Louis

Michael Louis Height, Weight, Age

Michael Louis was 5 Ft tall and around 90 Kg in weight. He was 45 when he killed 4 people at Saint Francis Hospital before taking his life.


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  1. Sounds to me like the doctor deserved it! Too many doctors are overconfident these days, RUINING people’s lives. Medical gaslighting at it’s finest! Overcharging people, and ruining people’s bodies and arms!!!!


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