Advanced Tips for Online Casino Players

Advanced Tips for Online Casino Players
Advanced Tips for Online Casino Players

Are you one of those people that prefer to play blackjack, roulette, slots, and baccarat from the comfort of their own home? In that case, you probably already gambled, but do you have what it takes to take your gaming (and your win rate) to the next level?

Of course, casino games are mostly all about chance and luck, but there are still some steps you can take to reach your full potential. So instead of mindlessly pushing buttons and hoping for the best, try our advanced tips that will help you become more successful, and get a better bang for your buck.

Reconsider Your Choice of Casino

Finding a good casino can be quite difficult, but instead of settling for less, focus on finding one that will suit your needs perfectly. Most sites offer not only great welcome bonuses for new punters but attractive bonuses on every deposit like Parimatch Casino in India does. Also, make sure to check out the wagering requirement: any requirement between 20 and 40 is considered to be the industry average, while anything above it can be difficult to reach, especially if the bonus is valid only for a week or so.

If your current casino isn’t offering anything exciting, maybe it’s about time to say goodbye and find one that will pay more attention to your needs and provide offers that are custom made to suit your needs and gambling style.

There are also other reasons why one should change a casino. For instance, if your casino doesn’t have a license, it is not a safe gambling site, no matter what they say. Furthermore, maybe they don’t add new titles as fast or as often as you would like them to, or they simply have customer support that is so slow, it’s almost useless.

There is no need to make any harsh decisions, take you time, do your research, and sooner or later you will find a casino that fits your needs perfectly.

Do the Math

Essentially, gambling is all about numbers. Whether you are trying to create that perfect scale in rummy, are counting cards in blackjack, or simply spinning some slots with great RTP’s, math is a crucial element of every game.

But, did you know that spending an hour or two doing math can cut your costs, and make gambling much cheaper for you? Here are some things to consider while creating your gambling plan:

  • Minimum deposit – minimum deposit of only $1 is great, but in most casinos that will be just enough to make 4 spins, which comes down to less than 60 seconds of playing. Find a casino that provides the optimum balance of the low deposit, low minimum bet, and low transaction fees (more on that later).
  • Payment methods – before you rush and take out your credit card, ask customer support to provide you with a detailed list of all fees and charges involved. You might be surprised! Some payment methods, like bank wire, are charged with high fees, while others, like eWallets, tend to be completely free of charge. Try to find a deposit method with low fees, as they won’t affect your payouts and leave you disappointed in the end.
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  • Exchange rates – if possible, always play at a casino that supports INR as a currency. Of course, you might have to do some math to figure out bonuses, but you will avoid unfavourable exchange rates that can affect how much you actually have to deposit, and how much money you get once you decide to ask for a payout. Of course, it’s only a few cents here and there, but trust us, they tend to accumulate faster than you think.

Ask for More

You are pretty satisfied with your current casino, but still, feel like something is missing, or you want another bonus? Ask and negotiate. Find a better offer, and contact your customer support to ask them what they will give to you to convince you to stay. While this might not work every time, it costs you nothing to ask and try out your luck. Sometimes, customer support agents have the right to add a small bonus, but most users don’t even realize it. In some cases, the customer support agents will think you are being silly, but even if it happens, you still have another casino up your sleeve and can take your money elsewhere.

Switch Things Up

Sometimes players get stuck in a rut and focus on a handful of slots, or maybe play just a certain type of live casino games. It is ok to have your favourites, but sometimes it’s better to spice things up. Simply search for games with the best RTP, play a few hands on a free demo (if possible) to see how it all works, and then simply join the table or spin reels a couple of times to see how it feels like. You will probably like it!

If your casino adds a new game, make sure to give it a try. Graphics and sound effects are getting more attractive year after year, and slots released in 2020 are more fun than those from 2016, even if they are just a few years apart.

Keep Up With the News

If gambling is your favourite pastime activity, you should consider putting some time and effort into learning about the industry in general, and follow the news, as only so can you understand opportunities and changes that stand in front of you. For instance, the Indian gambling market is regulated on a local level, and there is no national law regarding online gambling. Are you aware of how online gambling is regulated in your state? Do you know who to contact in case you encounter a scam? Do you know how to do your taxes after asking for a payout? Serious online gamblers will answer “yes” to all of the above.

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