Brain Games & Gamification: 2023 Roundup

Brain Games & Gamification: 2023 Roundup
Brain Games & Gamification: 2023 Roundup

Gaming is one of the world’s biggest sectors. In fact, ‘gaming’ has become such a large umbrella term that it covers a wide range of different industries, from education to customer loyalty to regular old eSports. Though gaming has been around for decades, through traditional and digital titles, it’s only now taking off.

One of the latest evolutions in gaming revolves around non-recreational purposes. Viewed in a certain way, gaming can be a tool to help develop the brain or motivate a person to do something. Brain games cover the former, while gamification is a broader term used to cover the latter.

For those new to gaming, gamification is when an unrelated entity will create an activity styled as a game—but it doesn’t have to do with Call of Duty or League of Legends. These games can be used to educate and onboard new employees at a company, engage customers and motivate them to do something, or even introduce a new topic like how an app functions, such as a banking app.

Think you know about the wide and varied world of gaming? Let’s cover some of the most popular games, activities, and purposes behind 2023’s top brain games and gamification projects.

Poker Remains a Global Favorite

Poker is one of the world’s oldest games—and one of its most well-known. Taking a look at a poker dictionary highlights just how many phrases from this card game have crept into pop culture. But not people realize just how complex variations like Texas Hold’em and Omaha are.

That’s because the game involves multiple challenges, from building a strong hand from a random pair of cards to figuring out which of your opponents might be bluffing. Toss in a variety of rules, nuances, and customs and there’s plenty of information for players to juggle at the table. For this reason, it remains one of the world’s top brain games.

Poker players must be skilled in a variety of fields. First, they must be quick decision-makers with sharp analytical talents. They must also be disciplined and practice good judgment rather than let their emotions take hold. Lastly, they need to be perceptive and observative in order to study their opponents and take them down.


Brain Games & Gamification: 2023 Roundup

Loyalty Programs Get a Facelift

Brain games like poker have stood the test of time because they separate the strong-minded from hobbyists. It’s a way to train the brain while having fun. Let’s move on to the area of gamification, which is more about motivating the brain rather than training it. One of the most popular areas of gamification is loyalty and rewards programs, which are designed to offer loyal customers added bonuses.

Two of the most successful come from food brands, including KFC and M&Ms. KFC actually adopted AR technology to create a gaming app called KFCKU, which includes a ‘rewards arcade’. The goal is simple: let customers play games to win small rewards, which will keep the brand within their orbit. The games themselves aren’t ground-breaking, but customers seem to like the premise.

M&M’s Adventures takes consumers on a similar adventure. They’re able to explore the ‘M&Ms universe’ and even play with friends. Along the way, they’ll be rewarded with unique prizes and experiences that can’t be found anywhere else.

Among Us Adds a New Social Twist

Poker has stood the test of time as a brain game because it challenges players on so many fronts. Over the last few years, Among Us has managed to gain popularity by adding a new dimension to gaming: social deception. Similar to poker, Among Us challenges players to figure out which others are imposters and which are allies.

This social deception challenge has proved incredibly popular. Just like with poker, it’s something that’s harder for players to quantify and prepare for. In other words, it challenges them in a way that other games simply don’t. For this reason, some gaming analysts think that games of the future will increasingly involve some sort of element of social deception or maneuvering that takes place in a multiplayer space.

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