Fourth of July SMS, Quotes and Wishes to Celebrate the USA Independence Day 2019

Fourth of July USA Independence Day Quotes, Messages, Wishes, Greetings, Sayings, Status
Fourth of July USA Independence Day 2019 Quotes, Messages, Wishes, Greetings, Sayings, Status

Fourth of July often known as the July Fourth or Independence Day of USA is being celebrated today as per the continued rituals since years. Fourth of July is one of the most important days in the history of America. The day signifies importance for the fact of unity and integrity of American people. Here, we have an extensive list of quotes to share.

Declaration of Independence was adapted 241 years ago on July 4, 1776, by the United States which marked down the importance of this day. Its a very festive day for all patriots who believe in sharing nationalism with everyone around. We’re here with an exciting collection of wishes and messages for the Fourth of July, the day which will always be remembered in the history of United States. It was the day when 13 colonies of United States finally declared not to be part of the British Empire.

To make your Fourth of July special, we have collected some of the best SMS, Quotes, and Wishes available on the internet to celebrate the day. Do check amazing wishes and share with your patriotic friends. Fourth of July SMS: Short and sweet. The best way to express your feelings via messages on Social Media profiles through WhatsApp or Facebook. You can use WhatsApp Collective smartness and broadcast same to your contacts as well. Also See: Happy 4th of July Quotes

Happy Fourth of July Quotes

  1. I feel so proud to be a part of the most powerful country in the world.
    I promise to be a good citizen of my country to the best of my capabilities.
    Happy Independence day to all my brothers and sisters.
  2. A nation, where the spirit of pride, greatness, and honor is common to every soul, living or dead. A nation, that makes me proud, America.
  3. On our beloved nation’s Independence Day, I remember and salute the souls that went down for the national pride. Happy 4th of July.
  4. With a truly national spirit of courage, integrity, sacrifice, liberty, and independence, I wish you a Happy Independence Day. Happy July 4th.
  5. The strides of freedom and courage shall be remembered today. Happy 4th of July.
  6. A spirit of equality and faith, and a belief of courage and faith. I wish you a Happy fourth of July. Take pride, America. Happy Fourth of July.
  7. Let us never forget the brave souls that fought and served for the pride and peace of our nation. Happy 4th of July.
  8. Today, on the day of national glory, lets salute the courageous souls that went down for our Nation. America is proud of those souls. Happy 4th of July.
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  10. Celebrate the power of pride, courage and faith, that we all share. Let us all salute the spirit of America. Happy fourth of July.
  11. God bless the nation, the courage and the freedom of America. I wish you a Happy Independence Day.
  12. Nothing gives me as much pride as being a part of a country where liberty dwells. I am a proud citizen of America and I love my country. Wishing you a very Happy 4th of July.
  13. May the fireworks of pride, solitude and love for your country dwell in your heart and in the hearts of all our American brothers and sisters. Long live United States Of America! Here’s wishing you a Rocking 4th of July.
  14. Freedom does not come for free. It has to be fought for and conquered. On this 4th of July may your hearts be filled with love for your nation, compassion for your fellow-Americans and the determination to work hard to make this country better than it already is. May you have a lovely 4th of July.

Happy Fourth of July Quotes

Quotes are a great part of anyone’s life. Quotes are very much essential to give a direction to the life. The day specific quotes helps in recognising the better inner you.

  1. John F. Kennedy
    “The American, by nature, is optimistic. He is experimental, an inventor, and a builder who builds best when called upon to build greatly.”
  2. Peter Marshall
    “May we think of freedom not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right.”
  3. Oliver Wendell Holmes
    “One flag, one land, one heart, one hand, one nation forevermore!”
  4. Abraham Lincoln
    Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.
  5. We are the land of the free, we are the home of the brave. Let’s pay tribute to our brave American Heroes on this special day and forever. Happy Independence Day!

Happy Fourth of July Wishes

Wishes are probably can be seen around the web spreading in form of text messages and images as well.

  1. I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.
    – Abraham Lincoln
  2. “Patriotism is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.”
  3. “Liberty is the breath of life to nations.”
  4. “There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured with what is right in America.”

    — William J. Clinton

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