ICP vs CHAT – what is more profitable to buy?

ICP vs CHAT - what is more profitable to buy?
ICP vs CHAT - what is more profitable to buy?

With all the variety of available investment instruments, the main objectives of investing remain unchanged. Any investor expects to save and increase capital. If you focus solely on cryptocurrencies, this is possible even with a fairly conservative approach. Periodic conversion of BTC to ETH and vice versa is quite a working, although not the most efficient way to achieve them.

To preserve capital, it is more advisable to choose fundamental projects that have already passed the test of time. It is unlikely that they will bring huge profits, rather it will be a relatively small stable growth, but the risk of losing everything is reduced to a minimum. Little-known young projects, on the contrary, have huge growth potential, but the risks of investing in them are very high.

There are thousands of projects on the market, among which there are very interesting, promising and investment-attractive ones.

Internet Computer project and ICP coin

Internet Computer is the first decentralized “World Computer” created by the DFINITY Foundation to develop virtually any Web2 and Web3 online system or service. Even demanding Web3 social networking services can be hosted entirely on the blockchain without the need for centralized tools such as cloud computing.

The main goal of the project is to transform the entire digital ecosystem by using the capabilities of blockchain technology. The project seeks to overcome the disadvantages associated with using the traditional Internet, such as monopolization, insufficient security, high costs for cloud services, and regular leaks of personal data.

ICP, the native blockchain token of Internet Computer, is designed to pay network fees, manage the network, and pay out staking rewards. At the time of writing, ICP is trading at $4.33 per unit and is ranked #31 on CoinMarketCap.

ICP Ecosystem

Since the launch of the blockchain, the Internet Computer (ICP) ecosystem has been developing quite dynamically, the community of developers and fans of the project continues to grow. Decisions on the development and implementation of new technologies are made collectively by voting.


Several interesting projects have already been implemented on the platform, including:

  • Motoko smart contract programming language;
  • Chain Key cryptography method;
  • Algorithmic control system NNS (Neuron Nervous System);
  • Consensus algorithm;
  • Internet Identity is an anonymous authentication system;
  • NIDKG is a cryptographic protocol for distributed generation of shared keys for nodes participating in a subnet blockchain.

What is known about ChatCoin

Cryptocurrency ChatCoin (CHAT) is a digital token designed specifically for use in the BeeChat messenger. These tokens serve as a tool to reward active users of the project. In addition, within the app, users can earn and spend ChatCoin tokens by engaging in private conversations with other members.

The BeeChat messenger is being developed by a team that includes ex-Google employees. Initially, BeeChat was created as a messenger for communication in the field of cryptocurrencies, but the main goal of the developers is to create a universal decentralized application for instant messaging.

The network’s native token is ranked 7984 and is trading at $0.0001367. The potential of the ChatCoin (CHAT) cryptocurrency lies in the fact that most of the existing messengers are centralized and can transfer information from correspondence to third parties. Due to its complete security, anonymity and decentralization, the BeeChat application can become in demand in the market.

Which coin is better to invest in

Both coins are far from high positions in the rating and have growth potential, and for exactly the same reason they are especially high-risk investment instruments. However, the fact that there is practically no reliable information about ChatCoin is alarming. Based on this, swap ICP to CHAT looks like a rather dubious idea for a novice investor. Still, while investing in ICP looks like a safer bet, do your own market research before risking your money.

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