Tips that may come in handy for newcomers to FIFA Ultimate Team

Tips that may come in handy for newcomers to FIFA Ultimate Team
Tips that may come in handy for newcomers to FIFA Ultimate Team

FIFA Ultimate Team, or FUT, is one of the most popular modes in a sports simulator, as it allows you to use a lot of mechanics to collect the perfect squad and play it against opponents of various levels.

To succeed in FUT, you need to follow certain rules and guidelines:

  1. Farm coins – complete tasks, form squads according to requirements, complete tasks in moments mode, or simply buy FIFA coins SkyCoach from a special service that can offer coins in any quantity with a guarantee of anonymity and compliance with all necessary masking measures from the attention of the game administration.
  2. Pick players wisely, not because of a big name. One of the most important indicators for a performer of any position will be speed.
  3. Don’t tackle in the back – most likely you will receive a yellow or red card depending on the area of the field where the incident occurred, you will receive a free kick or a penalty, and you will most likely be sent off the field.
  4. Try to use twisted shots – this is a type of punching the ball when you change direction at the last moment. A twisted shot is more difficult for the opponent to perceive, and if such blows are used while attacking the goal, or breaking a free kick, then the chance to score a goal will be higher. It should be borne in mind that the skill of a twisted shot needs to be perfected and at first the ball can simply fly out of the field – do not despair, just keep learning and in the future the ability to deliver twisted shots will be beneficial.
  5. Do not make deliberately failed decisions – for example, your forward broke through to the opponents’ goal and between him and the goalkeeper there are several defenders who have to be bypassed. The worst option would be to break through the defense just for luck and try to go 1v1 with the goalkeeper, the best option would be to slow down the pace, wait for the partners and finish the attack with team support and achieve goals with numbers and skill, not reckless breaks – such attacks are simply intercepted, blocked and knocked out in 90% of cases.

Tips that may come in handy for newcomers to FIFA Ultimate Team

Ways to Earn FUT Coins to Open Packs and Get Players

FIFA 23 is made in such a way that players with different online have the opportunity to earn enough coins to form a strong squad and move up the division not only through skill, but also through appropriate performers.

How to earn FIFA coins:

Squad Battle – play with your team against a squad assembled by another player, but controlled by artificial intelligence. For victories, draws and just participation in such matches, a reward is provided in the form of coins.


Tasks – FIFA Ultimate Team provides intra-match tasks, which are limited only by the time given to complete them. The player’s task is to complete the items of daily and weekly tasks until they are completed. This will allow you to receive additional FIFA coins on a regular basis. The tasks often consist of scoring a certain number of goals, not receiving yellow and red cards, putting three players from Italy on the field and similar tasks that are not difficult, with which you just need to tinker with time and remember the conditions in each match.

Squad Building Challenge – a mode in which you can get additional FIFA coins, sets of players of different levels, or a specific football player by completing the tasks of the board of directors to create a playing squad with a limited budget and certain conditions. The more difficult the task, the higher the reward. The tasks will be very different – to collect three players from England with parameters not lower than 85 with teamwork indicators.

Moments is a special mode in FUT that creates a unique match moment for players in the form of a challenge that must be solved in one move and rally. If the player manages to achieve a result, he will be rewarded with FIFA coins. The tasks will be very different – for example, with the help of Mbappe, you need to take a canopy, process it and finish it with a hit on the vorts. The player will have limited time to make decisions and in case of delay or interception of the ball, the moment will be over and will need to be replayed.

Tips that may come in handy for newcomers to FIFA Ultimate Team

Team play tactics

In the game menu before the start of the match, or directly in the match itself, you can change the formation of your team for different game tasks. It’s ideal if you understand and feel the game and only change, when necessary, as some tactics are too situational to play all the time.

Tactics is a team-building structure that players will adhere to automatically during the game.

The standard 4-3-3 tactic is often used in all matches, as it is optimal for controlling the center of the field and moving from defense to attack with constant support from the players to each other.

5-3-2 – Defensive tactics – it can be used against lineups that are obviously stronger than yours and dry the game, trying to play from counterattacks. The second option is to score 1-2 quick balls and go into defensive tactics so as not to risk counterattacks and interceptions.

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