What Happens When Top Sports And Online Casinos Collide?

What Happens When Top Sports And Online Casinos Collide?
What Happens When Top Sports And Online Casinos Collide?

They go together

Sports and gambling have always been inextricably linked. The first bet any of us made was probably with a friend or sibling about who could get to the next lamppost, gate or tree first. Likewise, our competitive nature finds great satisfaction in betting on the outcome of sporting outcomes. While it has probably progressed from how fast we can personally run, swim or hop, most of us still love to have a flutter.

Canadians are keen gamblers

Canadians are amongst the keenest gamblers in the world. Over half the population admits to enjoying a flutter, and there are nineteen point three million active online gambling accounts. Nowadays, it is possible to place a wager on almost every form of sporting event, from horses and football to eSports and fantasy ones. However, your sports wagering does not need to stop there.

The slots are favourite

Online slots are the game of choice for most Canadians. They are particularly popular for casual gaming on mobile devices when people are out and about. One of the reasons for this is that operators like BetMGM casino have developed native apps allowing us to play seamlessly on iOS and Android devices.  Therefore, it should come as no surprise to discover that sports-themed games are incredibly popular.

When the world of sports and online casinos collide, the result is a mix of highly enjoyable gaming opportunities that will keep you entertained for hours. Here is a list of some of the best online casinos have on offer.

Ice, Ice Hockey

Wizard Gaming has brought together two Canadian favourites with this game—spinning reels and hockey. The game is packed with iconic imagery and offers online players a rink side experience. Pin your way through Canadian and American players. Watch out for the athlete in the yellow vest – the one worth the most money.

Canada is easy to spot in their red tops, while the USA sports blue ones. You can win up to fifteen free spins if you land the referee. The hockey puck is a wild symbol that can be interchanged for other ones to change the pace and tempo of play.

This game gives you a chance to churn up the ice casino-style.

Live dealer – live soccer

One of the most exciting recent developments in online casinos is the introduction of live dealer games. From the comfort of your own home, you get to interact with a live person dealing out the cards and directing the gameplay. This one is a feat of IT engineering and still seems almost impossible. You are interacting in real-time with the person on your screen and playing alongside others at the same time.

As if that was not mind-boggling enough, there is a new game that lets punters play a version of Baccarat based on a live soccer match. The dealer is dressed as a sports commentator and is screened in front of a packed stadium. At the same time, cards are being dealt to you. If you can concentrate on everything else going on, you just need to place a bet on home, away or draw.


The game of Live Studio Football pushes the boundaries in this new and exciting area of online casino gambling. Look out for it wherever you get the chance to participate in live dealer games. Players do not need to miss out on soccer while playing as you can watch the whole game in HD. As with any good sports betting platform, you can access stats from previous games to help influence the choices you make.

Scudamore keeps on running

A legendary jockey and trainer might have announced earlier this week that he will not race anymore, but his presence continues to dominate the world of online gambling. He has voiced and endorsed a 5×3 reel slot game where the high-pay symbols are a variety of top horses.

Scudamore appears in the game as well. If you get his symbol, you have found yourself a Wild. The Scatter symbols in this game are trophies. You advance to Peter’s Classic Cup bonus round if you get three trophies. In this game, your horse could have a multiplier bonus of up to 5000x. As with all good races, the stakes are high – can you hold your nerve and claim the jackpot?

Part sport, part raw entertainment – WWE meets the slots

WWE is a world where physicality and super skills meet choreography and storytelling. The athletes who compete in WWE must be super fit to avoid serious injuries when they take to the ring and perform. Fans love to watch the action, which is a mixture of sporting prowess and narrative performance – all taking place in a high-energy rock concert atmosphere.

The same energy has been transferred to official WWE online slot games, which can be played at various online casinos. You will find all your favourite superstars and have the opportunity to bag a jackpot to boot. Microgaming offers two titles;

WWE Clash of The Wilds

WWE Link and Win

Link and win offer players the opportunity to win 25,000x their initial stake, so there could be a big story to tell here if luck shines on you. However, it is essential to remember that playing the slots should be for fun – the chances of winning are stacked against you.

Like WWE, it is all about entertainment, and you cannot influence the game’s outcome. Of course, the house always wins, but you can have an enjoyable time being part of the action.

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