DeflateGate Case: Tom Brady’s 4 Game Suspension Removed By Judge, NFL Loses


DeflateGate Case: A federal judge has removed the four-game suspension imposed on Tom Brady by NFL on Thursday. This means a won to the New England Patriots player and another loss for NFL for which both were indulged for the last seven months.

The decision enables him to play back with his Super Bowl winning team from the start of the next week itself. As of now, Brady hasn’t commented yet but NFL made it clear that it will appeal the decision of the federal judge.

Richard Berman, the judge who made this decision wasn’t convinced by the arguments of NFL. Since the starting of the case, Berman continuously warned NFL regarding their little evidence against the player which can accuse and relate him to the deflated footballs.

DeflateGate Case: Tom Brady’s 4 Game Suspension Removed By Judge, NFL Loses

Berman wrote in the decision that based on the facts and arguments presented by the Management Council are disregarded as it failed to prove the player guilty or associated, thereby the four-game suspension of Tom Brady is eliminated effective immediately.

Goodell officially stated that the league respect the decision made but still will appeal against the nullification of the suspension to protect the integrity of the game.

Berman also stated that Brady was not given advanced warnings on the type of conduct that was prohibited and therefore the possible punishment can’t be awarded.

Further, he said that NFL’s behaviour was unfair towards Brady and also, they didn’t they didn’t make lawyer Jeff Pash available as a witness. Moreover, they didn’t produce the investigation files stands fundamentally unfair and a violation of legal code. Thus, as a result, Brady is prejudiced.


The federal judge has urged both the sides to settle the case peacefully and in person.

The owner of Patriots team, Robert Kraft has been in the support for Brady since the inception of the investigation which began in January 2015. He always defended the player and said he is one of the classy players and a person of the highest integrity in the league and the game. However, Kraft didn’t appeal against the league which can make them pay about $1 million as a fine and the loss of two draft picks.

This is the second legal loss for NFL and a major setback for Goodell. In the year 2012, there was a case “Bountygate” around which lots of buzz was created. In that case, New Orleans Saints players were accused by the league for injuring opponents for monetary benefits. The NFL demanded suspension of all those involved in it. Later on, the suspension was vacated after Goodell appointed former commissioner Paul Tagliabue as the independent arbitrator. The year-long suspension of Ray Rice was overturned by Barbara Jones on the grounds that it did not comply with the collective bargaining agreement since Rice was initially suspended two games.

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