How betting has become a huge industry, and a popular gambling form


Betting on sports is all about trying to predict the outcome of a sports event, and is there to make it even more fun to watch the matches. It has become highly popular in many groups and is no longer reserved for sports fans. Anyone can bet online, and smart websites allow you to sign up quickly and easily. 

The global sports betting market was valued at USD 76.75 billion in 2021 and is estimated to reach USD 83.65 billion by 2022. The huge increase in only one year has a lot of reasons behind it, and some key factors are driving the industry one markable way – to the skies. 

The digital revolution

A huge selling point for online sports betting is that you can do it anywhere at any time. The internet keeps us constantly connected, and you can bet through websites and apps on your phone. It is also easy to access information about bets, sports news, and predictions. You can read Nfl predictions online to help you prepare for betting, and place wagers on the app within seconds. You don’t even have to watch the game, as betting sites have live updates from the matches that are even more accurate than live tv. 


This means that you can bet on a match that is happening across the globe, in real-time. Live betting even allows you to wager within a smaller time frame, as the game is proceeding. This is a riskier way to bet but is surely adding excitement and some new stakes. 

Today there are several different big betting platforms that can be used for betting, and more will

likely to come in the future. As the interest for these increases, more are keen on adding a new site to the mix. The global value of the industry is also a good way of measuring whether it is profitable to start a betting channel or not. 

The legalization of gambling 

Another important factor that is crucial for growth in the gambling industry, is the legalization of it. Many states and countries across the globe are seeing the benefits of gambling, and the huge revenue that it is creating. Therefore, states are working on passing bills to be able to offer legal online sports betting and other forms of gambling within their borders. 


In 2022 alone, no less than 11 American states decided that online gambling should be legal, and more states are said to follow this year. Less strict gambling laws across the globe also open

up for foreign actors to run their businesses from abroad and attract a larger target audience. In some countries like South Korea, they have even created a dual gambling law, that allows tourists to gamble within their borders, but prohibits the locals to do so. This turnover is making global, online marketing a larger priority. 


Bigger marketing budgets 

As more people are becoming aware, not to mention allowed to bet, there is a larger focus on a

bigger marketing budget. It is all about recruiting new members to their site and doing it fast before their competition. LArger sportsbooks have been seen sponsoring sports teams and even entire sports events, and it is clear that it is increasingly important to get the word around fast. 

Some sites are also using bonuses and special offers to make themselves more attractive and to lure in a new clientele. These are for example welcome bonuses and are often present in

online casinos as well. Bonuses like these will increase your first deposit, and give you more money to bet on. However, there are some terms and conditions linked to these that should be read before taking the offer. 

The most betted on sporting event 

All these factors have led to an undoubtedly increase in the betting market, and there is especially one event that stands out as the most betted on one. This is the legendary Super Bowl, which marks the finale of the NFL season, and is one of the biggest sports events in the world. Billions tune in to watch or fill the stadiums, and in this year’s Super Bowl where the Bengals were defeated by the Rams, U.S citizens wagered for no less than $8 billion! Knowing this it is not hard to believe that sportsbooks spend a lot on their marketing leading up to the event. They want as many people as possible to be signed in and ready for betting when the first player kicks the game on. 

The gambling industry is moving in an interesting direction, and betting is becoming one of the leading activities. It is estimated to reach new and higher numbers next year, and to grow even further in the time to come. 

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