NHL’s Most Intimidating Players 2020

NHL’s Most Intimidating Players 2020
NHL’s Most Intimidating Players 2020

The NHL is home to some fantastic athletes, and some absolute animals when it comes to removing the gloves and throwing punches. Well, according to realfootball365 it would seem that sports fans love to seek out markets related to ice hockey violence. Who would have known that players throwing punches in the NHL could prove to be profitable?

Of course, when it comes to violence in the NHL it’s often between some rather large and intimidating guys. If the guys aren’t too large in stature however, they are certainly ferocious when trying to take the other guy out of the game. We’ve looked at the stats for this season, and we’ve come up with a list of the most intimidating NHL players right now.

NHL’s Most Intimidating Players 2020
NHL’s Most Intimidating Players 2020

Browse this list below, and enjoy!

  1. Nicolas Deslauriers

Oh, Nicolas, when will you learn to keep those emotions under control? Obviously it is his job to get onto the ice and target some of the other players, but Nicolas has just lost it on several occasions this season. In fact, he’s been involved in the most fights of any other player in the NHL, with 11 fights this season alone.

He currently plays for the Anaheim Ducks, and we are sure that his teammates are glad that he is sat on their bench and not against them! This is especially true since Nicolas is over 6ft tall and around 215lbs.

  1. Brendan Lemieux

Lemieux is absolutely adored by the New York crowd, and they get behind him every single time the helmet comes off and the fists start flying. This has happened on five separate occasions this season, but interestingly enough, Lemieux seems to enjoy saving his fights for the away games. Perhaps he just doesn’t like messing up the home ice?

One of the greatest aspects of Lemieux’s game is his ability to infuriate the opposition. He isn’t the most talented player out there, but he just has a knack for agitating and angering the other team, which of course, benefits his own team. Oh, and he’s also got some fair pace behind his right hook!

  1. Austin Watson

Unlike Lemieux, Austin Watson seems to love entertaining the home fans with a good punch up. He’s had 4 total fights this season on home ice, with just 1 away fight. Watson is a bit of a man-mountain, as he stands at 6ft 4 with one of the biggest reaches seen in the NHL.

He’s not quite as ‘stocky’ as some of the other guys, but when he is raining down blows from over 6ft onto the forehead of his opponent’s, you can’t help but feel a bit sorry for those smaller guys. Watson seems to have a fondness for living up to the name of his NHL team, as they are the Nashville Predators.

Whether you follow NHL or not, the guys on this list are some of the toughest athletes in the sport. They can be lethal out there on the ice, but they keep us all entertained week in and week out!

  1. Ross Johnston

Ross Johns ton is actually third on the leader board for a total number of fights this season, so it’s clear to see that he isn’t afraid to let those fists fly. The Canadian national currently plays for the New York Islanders, and he’s been delighting crowds in the big apple since 2015.

It would seem that Johnston isn’t particularly choosey about where he lets his aggression loose, as he’s had 3 home fights and 3 away fights. At 6 ft 5 and 232lbs, we’d imagine it’s like getting hit by a freight train when Johnston is going after you – definitely much more enjoyable to watch him rather than be in front of him!

  1. Kurtis MacDermid

It could be said that MacDermid is one of the friendlier guys on this list, as he’s only had a modest 5 fights this season. With that said, that’s still 5 fights where he’s tried to take the other guys to head off – maybe he isn’t so friendly?

MacDermid has bounced around a bit throughout recent years, as his playing career has taken him from Ontario Reign to the Los Angeles Kings, then back to Ontario Reign, and then back to Los Angeles Kings. You would think he would be too tired to conduct fights with all that moving around, but no, MacDermid just keeps on letting his temper flare-up.

He’s one of the more slender NHL fighters really, standing at 6ft 5 and weighing in at 208lbs. With that said, anyone who stands above 6ft and weighs over 200lbs is always going to be an intimidating figure on the ice! MacDermid is currently entertaining fans out in Los Angeles until at least the end of the season, so if you want to see this brute in action, you know where to find him.

  1. Matt Calvert

Matt Calvert has been launching right hooks, and left hooks, and uppercuts, and basically anything that will damage the opposition since 2010. He’s a bit of a fan favorite, and this Canadian player isn’t afraid to get messy on the road. He’s been involved in 4 total away fights already this season, meaning that he seems to save his best action when he’s built up all that energy traveling on the plane!

Calvert actually played for the Columbus Blue Jackets from 2012 up until 2018, but now he’s involved in a new challenge, playing for Colorado Avalanche. For a shorter guy, standing at just 5ft 10, and weighing a total of just 174lbs, Calvert can be an absolute terrier when he gets going.

It’s almost like watching a battle between David and Goliath when Calvert takes on some of these larger guys, and sometimes his height actually works to his advantage. He’s able to duck and weave past punches like a top-level boxer at times, and he seems to love landing body blows on his larger opponents.

With the NHL season continuing over the next few months, we are sure that we will see plenty more classic fights take place. Make sure that you tune in to the games where these guys will go up against one another, for fireworks are sure to be seen!

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