Super Bowl 2017 Winner Name: Who Will Win Vince Lombardi Trophy Entitlement (New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons)

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Super bowl 2017 Winner Name: We have analysed the plus and negative points of each of the team. There are many factors which will decided winner of Vince Lombardi Trophy. Check out comparison in this post.

Super bowl 2017 Squads:  New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons

New England Patriots:

One of the most strong team in Superbowl 2017. The team headed by Tom Brady, L. Blount, J. Edelman and Logan Ryan got a strong grip over the competitors. New England Patriots had played 8 times so far in the Super Bowl. The team has won the ultimate judgemental series for four times in 2002, 2004, 2005 and 2015 while the match in 2012 was a lose. If NEP was able to win the today’s match, they will also win the charm of team who never looked back. The 2015 win over Seattle Seahawks with a margin of 4 points had definitely increased the competition.

Atlanta Falcons:

Its the first time Atlanta Falcons is playing in the Super bowl. The match is definitely tough for them as they are challenging a sure shot winner in this game. Super bowl history governed that the newcomers generally have less chances of winning over the existing team, but the miracles are obviously a complimentary package in world’s one of the most loved single day event. There are many star players in  Atlanta Falcons including Matt Ryan who is even strong player than Tom Brady in NFL games. Falcons definitely got the much strong back in comparison to the other team when it comes to Super bowl 2017.

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Superbowl 2017 Winner Name

Superbowl 2017 Winner Name:

New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons: New England Patriots arrives on the ground as more competitive yet with a great coordination among the players. Atlanta Falcons are surely strong candidate for the ultimate title of Super Bowl 2017 Winner if they able to break the coordination between the stronghold. D. Freeman could be seen key player in breaking down L. Blount. Freeman needs to improve in this match at any cost to get his name framed in the Super Bowl 2017 Winner


Both the teams are very strong in themselves. On the one hand we have experienced NEP and on the other hand, AF are not that much experienced with super bowl. NEP holds up greater chance because experience matters a lot during the key matches of NFL. On the extra mark Patriots have taken home the Vince Lombardi trophy four times earlier. According to the factors mentioned, Vince Lombardi trophy is going to be a clear win for New England Patriots

Superbowl 2017 Winner Name: New England (60% Support)

Kick off time of Super Bowl 2017 Actual match:

The exact kick off time for the tournament is 23:30 GMT. If believed experts, the whole match should be wrapped before the clock ticks 3:30, which means the match could take 4 hours of your weekend. Since the match is expected not to start before 6:30 PM Sunday, Eastern Time (ET), A holiday for Monday would be recommended to enjoy SB 2017 at its best.

Where to watch Super Bowl 2017 Live Streaming

All the online websites are not expected to perform better in this case. However you can read our post on Super Bowl 2017 live streaming for more reference.

United Kingdom: Four national channels will be telecasting the tournament. The list included BBC, Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 3 and Sky Sports Mix.

United States: Almost every news channel is going to live telecast the updates from ultimate match between New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons. To get live streaming of Superbowl 2017 Winner Name, you can tune in to Fox Sports GO. Mobile viewers who have premium subscription can use iOS, Android, Windows, and Amazon tablets or through connected devices, including Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire and Xbox One.

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