What Are The Most Memorable Playoff Games In NFL History?

What Are The Most Memorable Playoff Games In NFL History?

The post season is always an entertaining time of year but some games live longer in the memory than others. Playoffs are here now and you can check them out with the printable 2022 NFL Playoff bracket by TwinSpires.

Now, we look back at five of the most memorable play off games in NFL history. Take a look.

Number 5. 2017 NFC Divisional Round, Minnesota Vikings Beat the New Orleans Saints

Kicking off our list of the most memorable play off games in NFL history is one that will forever be etched into Minnesota history and a game that the Saints can never put behind them. Fans have labelled this game as the ‘Minneapolis Miracle’ and it’s easy to see why.

It has to be one of the most memorable and shocking outcomes of a game in the last decade or so. The Saints scored a field goal with about 30 seconds left in the game to take a one point lead. With Case Keenum at quarterback, he needed a huge play with no timeouts just to get into field goal range with around ten seconds left.

The ball he threw was nowhere near scoring range and probably would have eaten the rest of the clock; somehow though Marcus Williams missed the tackle and Stefon Diggs sprinted into the end zone as time expired to ice the game.

Number 4. Super Bowl XLIII, Pittsburgh Steelers Beat the Arizona Cardinals

On one hand, it’s a shame that Larry Fitzgerald wasn’t able to win a Super Bowl. On the other, this Pittsburgh team was destined to win this game and that makes this special.

Not only did we get to see James Harrison bring an interception back 100 yards for a touchdown with next to no time remaining on the clock for the first half but then, with the game on the line, we saw Ben Roethlisberger deliver a beauty of a pass to Santonio Holmes in the back of the end zone through three defenders.

It slipped through and he just about kept his toes in bounds to score what would prove the game winning touchdown.

Number 3. Super Bowl LI, New England Patriots Beat the Atlanta Falcons

Next up in our look at the most memorable play off games in NFL history is arguably the greatest collapse of all time. Of course, depending on your team, you could call it the greatest comeback of all time. Whatever your allegiance though, this game was one you couldn’t look away from. The Patriots looked cooked at the end of the third quarter as they trailed 28-3. Somehow though they were not dead.

Tom Brady, who has a fair bit of history with creating post season memories, couldn’t stop scoring from that point onwards and a massive Julian Edelman catch down the field only proved that nothing was stopping them from winning this game. Throw in a James White touchdown to walk it off in overtime and this game will be remembered forever.

Number 2. Super Bowl XLIX, New England Patriots Beat the Seattle Seahawks

Many of us football fans remember this Super Bowl like it was yesterday. The Patriots – again – were able to somehow make an improbable comeback. This time it was defeat the Seattle Seahawks after a Malcolm Butler interception at the goal line. Seattle needed a touchdown to take the lead with under a minute left.

With them at the one yard line it was as good as guaranteed. Unfortunately, they chose not to run it with Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson threw the pick that sealed their fate. To this day, we can’t wrap our heads around the Seahawks decision making and whilst they’ll rue the day forever, for everybody else, they have a ‘what if’ moment that will never, ever be forgotten.

Number 1. Super Bowl XLII, New York Giants Beat the New England Patriots

Last but not least we come to the game that is topping our list of the most memorable play off games in NFL history. It is one that is a truly shocking too. The New York Giants were taking on the New England Patriots in this play off clash. At the time the Patriots were considered to be the best team ever.

The Pats hadn’t lost a football game the entire season up to this point. Despite that, Eli Manning and his Giants teammates beat them 17-14. Not only did we see a miracle like team performance but David Tyree delivered an utterly insane catch to add the cherry on top of one of the most memorable play off games of all time. It’s going to be a long old time until we have a game worthy of knocking this off top spot.

There you have it, the best play off games in NFL history. Will any of the upcoming games live up to the standards these set? We’re highly doubtful.

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