WWE Smackdown Results 26/9/2018: Tuesday Night Full Show Matches Online

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wwe smackdown results

WWE Smackdown returned on Tuesday night. The results for Smackdown September 9, 2018, are here. This new episode started at 8 pm ET with WWE Smackdown live streaming on WWEnetwork.com and USA Network. Here, we have the latest report, news, and feed of what did happen on the show. Here’s all the info regarding results, recap, grade, etc.

WWE Smackdown Results

World Wrestling Entertainment is heading for the Super Show Down to Australia in less than 2 weeks now. This episode of SmackDown Live took place at the same Pepsi Center venue in Denver as Raw. People rivalries are prominent on the blue brand. They took a step further on Tuesday night. It was one of the better episodes of WWE on TV. Here are the highlights.

Samoa Joe visits the Styles family

General Manager Paige called AJ Styles in the ring to sign the scheduled contract for the main event. Then, she called Samoa Joe, but he didn’t appear. Styles started to brag about himself and called Joe a coward. When the champion was getting high, Joe suddenly showed up but on the Titantron and he was in front of Styles’ home.

A few weeks earlier, Joe had threatened Styles to make his way to his residence. Joe taunted Styles by various means even revealing the doll which he had bought as a gift for Styles’ daughter Annie. Joe said that these are the consequences of Styles’ actions for stealing his title at the Hell in a Cell. Styles pleaded him not to enter his house. When Joe said that he is going to ring the bell saying Daddy’s home, the screen went black. Grade A

Welcome to ‘Truth TV’

When this week’s episode started, it looked like we were going to witness Miz TV, but R-Truth and Carmella started a Truth TV episode. Truth called Miz, the former host at the Super-Down for the right to be the No. 1 contender to the WWE championship. Truth asked Daniel Bryan how content he will feel after beating Miz in Australia.

Just about he was going to answer, it was time for 7-second dance break on the show. Then things turned serious and Bryan explained that he has unfinished business with the WWE Championship. Then, Miz arrived and after a few talks, it was the time for The Miz vs R-Truth fight. Miz defeated R-Truth via pinfall by hitting the Skull-Crushing Finale and taunting Bryan and then making the pin. Grade A

wwe smackdown results, wwe smackdown live stream, watch wwe smackdown online, wwe smackdown live results
wwe smackdown results

Aiden English has a dirty little secret

Backstage, Rusev told Lana that he wanted some answers from English. Then, he appeared in the ring, recalling the last week’s events and said that the betrayal became worse as it happened on Rusev Day. Then, he asked English to give him answers to the aforementioned questions. English came out doped in a Happy Aiden Day T-shirt and mic.


English told his former partner he was hesitant before they got together and showed him, a montage of their relationship. Then, English went on to say that Lana has made that wedge. And then, we have shown a montage a montage where English and Lana got in each other’s way trying to aid Rusev. But, Lana fired back stating that English just wanted to piggyback off of Rusev’s fame.

But, it ended in a cliffhanger when English asked Rusev to ask his wife about the events that occurred in Milwaukee. When Rusev was questioning Lana, Becky Lynch interrupted them. After Lynch left off, Rusev left the Milwaukee thing and wished Lana luck for her match against Lynch.

In the fight, Becky Lynch defeated Lana via submission. Lana did some damage to the champion, but the champion survived and made her tap to the Dis-Arm-Her. In the backstage area, English promised that he will bring video evidence about the Milwaukee incident which he had brought to light earlier on the show. Grade A-

Becky Lynch ruined Charlotte Flair’s photoshoot

Earlier in the day, Flair was busy in her photo shoot. Becky, Smackdown women’s champion blindsided and attacked her. Lynch beat down Flair and then click one photo by putting her one foot on Charlotte’s body. The show’s team announced that Flair had been sent home after being evaluated for injuries.

Sheamus defeated Big E via pinfall

The New Day lost for the second time in the consecutive weeks. The Bar kept on the winning in singles competition. This time, Sheamus won over Big E with a Brogue Kick.

Naomi & Asuka defeated Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose via pinfall

Auska and Naomi defeated tonight’s opponents in front of their opponents, the IIconics for Super Show-Down who were on the commentary tonight. They won by connecting with a double roundhouse kick to Deville.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Tye Dillinger ended in a no contest

Dillinger was beating the United States champion with everything he had. Suddenly, Orton came inside the ring and interrupted the match. Then, Randy brutalized Dillinger outside of the ring mocking with the 10 gesture before leaving. Then, Nakamura took advantage and nailed Dillinger with a Kinshasa which was enough to send him into the video board. Backstage, Orton explained that he personally has no problem with Dillinger, but he simply hates the ’10’ chant.

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