Upcoming/New Battlefield Game’s Official Title “Battlefield 1”: Watch Trailer and Check Release Date; “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare” To Worry About It

Battlefield New Game Title Battlefield 1; Trailer and Release Date
Battlefield New Game Title Battlefield 1; Trailer and Release Date

Battlefield New Game Title Battlefield 1; Trailer and Release Date; Reasons for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare To Worry: Electronic Arts (EA) games has declared the title for the upcoming video game in its military action series as Battlefield 1. Now, its competitor Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has got reasons to worry for its future. (check: Happy Mother’s Day.)

The new game of Battlefield is set in the background of World War I. So, CoD: IW needs to move forward as it going to get huge competition from its primary competitor in the game industry. EA developer Dice was quoted by the Guardian saying that the warfare will take place on the Wester Front, Italian Alps, deserts of Arabia, and in towns of France.

Battlefield New Game Title Battlefield 1

It is set in the time period of World War 1. Thus, we will get to see and use the weapons and vehicles of that era. It includes fighter planes and tanks which have led to the development of the modern mechanical and automatic warfare. Moreover, the players will get to ride horses as well.

If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, it is available below. According to the Battlefield 1 trailer, it is entirely opposite to the-the futuristic warfare in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Both the game franchises are at the top two spots in the multi-million dollar shooter genre.

Both the franchises started with World War 2, Call of Duty with its newer games titled “Advanced Warfare” and “Black Ops 3” gradually shifted to modern science fiction future.

Battlefield New Game Title Battlefield 1; Trailer and Release Date


CoD: IW is slated to release later in 2016. It will feature future fights like spaceship battles and combats in zero gravity. Fans are unhappy about it even though its trailer looks visually stunning. They may be not satisfied with the shift from a historical time period to the science world. The height of frustration can be estimated from the fact that the trailer has already received more than 600,000 downvotes.


Lars Gustavsson, the executive director of “Battlefield 1,” revealed some information regarding the difference between the World War 1 setting in the game from the CoD: IW.

He said: “There’s so much from this war that would fit perfectly with Battlefield. We realized this was the dawn of all-out war: it was the switch between the old and new worlds; it was an extreme contrast. Warfare went from marching soldiers and cavalry to technological warfare in a very short space of time. Battlefield has always been about land, sea and air combat, so it felt that something that had to be done.”

Battlefield New Game Title Battlefield 1; Trailer and Release Date

It’s shocking and a reason for worry for CoD: IW as the Battlefield 1 received a huge number of positive response from the fans. Thus, the fight between these franchises has become intense. Let’s see which game beats down the other. It will be clear after the release of both the games.

Battlefield one release date is October 21, 2016, for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. CoD: IW is scheduled to release two weeks before the Battlefield 1.

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